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TomTom PRO 7150 Truck

TomTom PRO 7150 TruckTomTom has quietly rolled out the PRO 7150 Truck, as they take on Garmin in the truck-friendly GPS navigation arena. Unlike previous offerings, the PRO 7150 Truck does not appear to require a contract with TomTom’s WebFleet services; in other words, it should be available as a stand alone unit.


TT PRO 7150 map

Here’s the full news release:

TomTom Business Solutions, the division dedicated to commercial fleets, today unveiled the TomTom PRO 7150 TRUCK. Designed to provide truck drivers and fleet managers with automated routing that takes into account vehicle profiles and road attributes and restrictions, the PRO 7150 saves time and money by ensuring that each trip is optimized and takes advantage of TomTom’s extensive map and traffic data.

With the PRO 7150 TRUCK, drivers will enjoy a navigation experience that automatically favors main roads over secondary roads, avoids sharp turns and U-turns, and includes a comprehensive collection of truck attributes such as weight and dimension limitations to avoid low-bridge clearances, and load characteristics such as HAZMAT restrictions. Safety-focused features include: road restriction and dead-end warnings that automatically pop up when drivers are about to encounter danger; advanced lane guidance to easily maneuver difficult intersections; hands-free dialing; a clear 5-inch capacitive touch-screen to keep drivers relaxed and to minimize in-cab distraction.

TomTom has partnered with ProMiles, an industry leader in transportation solutions, to deliver the most comprehensive map attributes for commercial vehicles in the North American market today.

"ProMiles’ industry-leading commercial transportation data enhances the TomTom PRO 7150 TRUCK resulting in 17 times more last-mile commercial vehicle coverage," says Michael Geffroy, Vice President of Sales, North America for TomTom Business Solutions. "Due to the complexities of commercial vehicle regulations and road restrictions, it is critical to collaborate with a partner that has a long standing expertise on trucking."

The PRO 7150 TRUCK includes nationwide map coverage of national and state/provincial highways in the U.S. and Canada, including last-mile restriction coverage in most major truck-relevant municipalities. The POI database contains more than seven million Points of Interest.

As part of the TomTom WORKsmart® solution, the PRO 7150 TRUCK offers connectivity to enable easy fleet management and access to LIVE Services*. WORKsmart functionality includes vehicle tracking, job dispatching, time management, eco driving, IFTA fuel tax reporting interface via ProMiles, and management reporting via a TomTom WEBFLEET subscription. TomTom LIVE Services give the professional driver access to Speed Cameras, Fuel prices, Local Search powered by Google, TomTom Weather as well as TomTom HD Traffic, the most accurate traffic information available.

Availability and pricing: The new TomTom PRO 7150 TRUCK will be made available in North America November 17 via authorized business partners. The PRO 7150 TRUCK recommended retail price is $349.95. LIVE services require a subscription to TomTom WEBFLEET®.

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  1. According to this press release, if you want Live services it requires a WebFleet subscription.

    The PRO 7150 TRUCK recommended retail price is $349.95. LIVE services require a subscription to TomTom WEBFLEET®.

  2. We we go again……another GPS designed for semi-trucks while the motorcoaches and charter bus industry is completely ignored! GPS manufacturers tell us busdrivers to buy their truck navigation devices and just type in small truck where it asks for truck dimensions. Sure, and I can tell my passengers to just type in “women’s restroom” where it says Truck Wash on the side of the building too. Reminds me of that M*A*S*H episode where an Army supply officer tell Hawkeye to fill out an Army requisition for an autoclave. All Hawkeye has to do is write in pizza oven instead of autoclave. “Should have one in about a week!”

  3. HI Rick,

    I’ve corresponded with you in the past on Garmin GPS for consumer use.

    Well, I’ve recently become involved with a 24 hour truck service that offers both large towing and roadside fix in PA. We’ve got 38 trucks in the fleet, 10 large wreckers at 40ton each and some larger still.

    Anyway, I’ve just begun to look at the Garmin 465LMT and this new TomTom 7150. I was just at a Towman trade show in Baltimore and saw some TomTom offerings that have subscriptions. Most of those are to track your truck etc while on the road. Currently not interested in that type of feature for dispatching etc.

    Can you suggest the better of these – 465LMT and the Pro 7150? Does the Garmin offer you to set up your truck profile as the 7150 does?

    I’d like to suggest/keep to Garmin to the owner of the company as all my consumer Garmin stuff works! Both on my iPhone4 and my stand alone units have never let me down. So I’ve some loyality to Garmin. Just wondering your input.



  4. Rich,

    So the main difference between the 465 and 560 is screen size? Both have LMT if you chose that option. Same/similar software and unit navagation?

    Sorry to high-jack the Pro 7150 thread… and your name error above.



    • No problem. And I think there are other significant differences, but until we see some reviews, it’s hard to say. The interface is definitely different, as are the maps (TomTom uses TeleAtlas, Garmin uses NAVTEQ). And it does appear that you can’t get live traffic info without a WebFleet subscription.

  5. The TomTom PRO 7150 TRUCK does provide TMC/RTS traffic without a subscription. I confirm that the PRO 7150 TRUCK can standalone, but it’s also a component for a end-to-end fleet management.

    After extensive testing and product comparisons, truckers who were in our survey were more inclined to use a TomTom over a Garmin. Truckers found the TomTom easier to use and found our Commerical routing and features to be a great help.

    We also have 17X more last mile commerical route attributes. As most Trucker’s know, the last mile is the most important.

  6. Michael (et al.)

    – So the 7150 mapping/routing data is a mix of TeleAtlas and ProMiles, correct?
    – Is the traffic “ad-driven” in any way? Does any other on-board feature contain ads like the Garmin does?
    – What is the map and program updates situation? (frequency/cost?)


  7. David thomas says:

    I own the 7150 great price but a lot of route error while in HAZMAT profile all it take two days to get from pensacola, fl to houston, tx with all maps errors

  8. When can I get one now

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