Sunday, March 18, 2012

Truckers hitting bridges; Senator wants to regulate GPS

Bridge truck strike

New York Senator Charles Schumer says too many trucks and buses are hitting bridges and that the government should do something about it. He may want to talk to Apple; they seem to be finding out that the mapping business is pretty complicated. Seriously, there are always going to be map errors, but perhaps it should be illegal for truckers and bus drivers to use consumer GPS, as opposed to a device that at least attempts to consider height and other restrictions. read more

Magellan tackles fleet management

One of the few chances PND manufacturers have of surviving these days to is diversify into the ever-expanding niche of opportunities that GPS continues to bring. Fleet management has long been the domain of small companies, but just like Garmin and TomTom before them, Magellan is now jumping into the game too. read more

TomTom PRO 7150 Truck

TomTom PRO 7150 TruckTomTom has quietly rolled out the PRO 7150 Truck, as they take on Garmin in the truck-friendly GPS navigation arena. Unlike previous offerings, the PRO 7150 Truck does not appear to require a contract with TomTom’s WebFleet services; in other words, it should be available as a stand alone unit.

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