Sunday, March 18, 2012

RIP Geomate.jr

UPDATE: As of February 9, they have revived the update zone, at least temporarily.

Sad news today for geocachers on a budget – the Geomate.jr will no longer be sold and the Update Zone service has been discontinued. Keep reading for all the gory details along with how to get a new pocket query into your Geomate…

Dear Geomate.jr Community

What can we say – this good thing has come to an end. We are no longer able to offer the Geomate.jr for sale or continue the Update Zone service. We do hope you’ve had as much fun geocaching as we’ve had working with everyone.

To help keep the adventures happening however, we have made some software available here that will allow anyone with an Update Kit and a PC to load a Pocket Query from to a Geomate.jr.


The Geomate.jr Team


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  1. Teamcameron52 says:

    My step-son recieved one of these for Christmas from a relative who knew we were into geocaching. The device seemed very limited considering the price point. A Garmin etrex could be had for not much more, and the update process was kludgy at best.

  2. I am very disappointed. I am a technology facilitator at a school and recently purchased a half dozen of these for our geocaching club. I will try to figure out the pocket query angle, but the beauty of the geomate was that you could create private schoolyard caches. I definitely feel ripped off.

  3. Thanks for nothing assholes. Could have at least gave a warning. Anything else you make or sell you can stick up your ass. I won’ be buying it.

  4. I am very disappointed in this news! I travel alot so it was fun to just take out the Geomate Jr. and look for caches where ever I was. Now I will have to figure out this pocket query thing,

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