Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Geomate.jr is back

It appears that the phoenix-like rise of the Geomate.jr from the ashes is almost complete. In a Facebook post yesterday, the new owners shared the following with geocachers: read more

Geomate.jr to be revived after latest acquisition?

The geocaching one-trick-pony Geomate.jr may be about to get a second life. We reported back in January that the product had been discontinued, but if you login to update your Geomate.jr today, you’ll get a message saying the page is temporarily out of service. The interesting part is that the page is “signed” by Brand 44.

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RIP Geomate.jr

UPDATE: As of February 9, they have revived the update zone, at least temporarily.

Sad news today for geocachers on a budget – the Geomate.jr will no longer be sold and the Update Zone service has been discontinued. Keep reading for all the gory details along with how to get a new pocket query into your Geomate…

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Geomate.jr review

UPDATE: This product has been discontinued. Here are my current geocaching GPS recommendations.

The Geomate.jr is designed solely for geocaching, but more than that, its designed to make geocaching drop-dead easy. The Geomate.jr is pre-loaded with 250,000 caches, covering the entire U.S.

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