Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Geomate.jr is back

It appears that the phoenix-like rise of the Geomate.jr from the ashes is almost complete. In a Facebook post yesterday, the new owners shared the following with geocachers:

The Geomate Jr. product line has been purchased by Brand 44 of Colorado. In June we completed the re-hosting of the website and are busy with some fixes for the update section, specifically, Eastern US, Canada and Europe. We hope to have this completed soon. We will then begin working on browser compatibility with Safari and current Firefox for Mac (version 5 works fine). We are in full production and shipping and we are commited to keeping the Geomate Jr. #1 with geocachers worldwide.

The website is up and running, and the product is back in stock at REI and a number of other retailers.

If you have a Geomate and have tried to update it since the change, I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments.

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  1. Trying to update for the Eastern US, which doesn’t appear to exist right now… Hopefully be up in the next couple days?

  2. I was thrilled to see the geomate website back up and running but when I tried to use it to load a new pocket query, it acted as if it was working but simply erased the .gpx file previously loaded and didn’t transfer the new .gpx file to my Geomatejr. To load my new pocket query I had to again resort to the GeomateQTguiapp I’ve been using since the product stopped being supported. I’m looking forward to the website being fully functional again someday. Our Geomatejr is perfect for my 8yr old daughter to use along side of me and my Ttrex.

  3. Tried the site today. No luck at all 🙁 Hope it comes back soon so we are not walking in circles in the woods.

  4. website is fine but when I click on update the internet shuts down for that page and will not let me go farther. The internet works for other sites.

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