Sunday, March 18, 2012

7″ Garmin dezl 760 offers truckers big screen and active lane guidance


UPDATE: Read our Garmin dezl 760LMT review page.

As I predicted, Garmin has chosen not to cede the 7″ truck/RV market to Magellan, as they have just announced the Garmin dezl 760. Updating the dezl 560 series, this behemoth offers more than just a big screen. Like recent nuvis, it can utilize Smartphone Link to send all sorts of data to the unit from an Android smartphone, such as weather, fuel prices and traffic camera images.

But perhaps as interesting is a feature we have yet to see on nuvis – Active Lane Guidance (shown above and in the video below starting at about the 1:24 mark) – though I’m betting it will show up in the 2013 nuvi line which I’m expecting to be announced in the next few weeks. Here’s Garmin’s description of it…

In a moving lane animation a purple line indicates the way the driver should follow, showing truckers exactly which lane they have to be in and helping to avoid potentially dangerous last-minute maneuvers.

And here is the full news release.

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  1. Looks like nice hardware, glad Garmin finally has a large screen device. It mentions “routes” in the specs and not “trips” like the specs on the 2012 Nuvi’s – interesting.

    Not a bad price at $400, including lifetime map updates. I paid $450 for my 3790t in July 2010 without updates. Things sure have changed in two years. 🙂

  2. Looks great. Would love to have one for easier viewing but the ad seems to make it an exclusive for truckers. What about the rest of the road — and Garmin — users ???

  3. Garmin has also introduced the 7″ Nuvi 2790 in Japan – do a Google search and you will find lots of pictures. I guess this is yet another model we will never see here in the US though?

  4. Benazeer Abbas says:

    What are chances of active lane guidance in 2013 nuvis? This is really cool. I just came across this faeture.

    please also tell me what is the difference between truck gps and auto gps? which one is more advance? is there any disadvantage of buying truck gps for auto? Thanks

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