Sunday, March 18, 2012

UPDATED: Entry-level Garmin nuvi 140T and 150T coming to the US?

Garmin nuvi 150TUPDATE: I’ve just been informed by Garmin that the 140T and 150T appeared on their US website by accident and that they “don’t have any plans to launch these units in the U.S.” 

Well this is interesting — the Garmin nuvi 140T and 150T have shown up on the company’s US website. Recently announced for Europe, the 140T and 150T have a built-in TMC traffic receiver and are not dependent upon one integrated into the power cable.

Basically, these appear to be nuvi 40 and nuvi 50 models with lifetime traffic. This would complete the 2012 Essential series lineup with base nuvi 40 and 50 models, the 40LM and 50LM with lifetime map updates and the 140T and 150T with lifetime traffic. Of course if you want lifetime maps AND traffic in the 2012 line, you’ll have to move up to Advanced series models like the 2455LMT or 2555LMT. There is no official word yet nor pricing info, but I suspect we will see these stateside in time for Black Friday.

Via GPS Review forums

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  1. I have 2 of the Garmin 140t models. About 2 years ago, we were vacationing in Germany and I wanted to be able to get around easily. I bought one at the store and started hooking it up as soon as I got back to my rental car. One small problem: I didn’t realize the little piece of clear plastic was still on the suction cup. I stuck it on the glass, got ready to pull out, and the GPS fell off, fade down, and landed on the stick shift, breaking the glass. The unit still worked, but because of the broken glass, I couldn’t punch in address, LOL. Turned around, walked back into the store, and bought another (no, I couldn’t lie and say it was broken already, LOL).

    It worked perfectly for the entire duration of our trip. It made getting around sooooo easy. We also went to Paris and it worked great there, also. I didn’t even realize it was strictly European until I got on the computer today looking to buy a replacement screen so I could fix it myself. If anyone knows where I could pick one up, let me know!! I’ve replaced a laptop screen before, so I’m assuming it’s not too difficult.

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