Sunday, March 18, 2012

Garmin Oregon 600 now shipping

Garmin Oregon 650t

The new Garmin Oregon 600 series

UPDATE: Read our hands on Garmin Oregon 650 review.

It looks like has beaten everyone to the punch, and is now shipping the Garmin Oregon 600 and 600t. GPS City anticipates having them next week; Amazon usually lags a few weeks behind these guys. A lot of folks seem to be excited about these new models; perhaps you can see why in my post on the Oregon 600 series.

REI looks like a good place for early adopters to buy. They’ve got a great guarantee if it turns out you don’t like it, free shipping on orders over $50, and members get 10% back on their purchase (that’s $40 for the Oregon 600 and $48 for the 600t). A lifetime membership runs $20, so it will cut your price to sign up when you order.

I hope to have a review unit in the next week or so.

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  1. Hope LL Bean ships soon too !

    • Unfortunately my Oregon 450 is still working fine, so I can’t really justify purchasing this yet… especially with furloughs in my future. But should the Oregon suddenly die… 😉 (although I probably would wait for the 650, as much for the gobs of memory as for the camera.)

  2. The Oregon 600 is very stable. Got mine today and it hasn’t crashed on me once, even with all the configuring and interface time. It’s a rather sweet device and I’d call it a substantial improvement over the 450 and an improvement on the Montana (unless you like to be spoken to or love the large screen.). The “Calorie” data field is pretty cool.

  3. Cabelas has REI beat. I got my Oregon 600 on April 18th. So far so good. Already one software revision (calendar was crashing untit when opened, software patch fixed it.) Still playing with maps, basecamp etc. Made a custom map and started loading Birdseye satellite images already. Download times were pretty fast in the middle of the night. Running a 32 gig card with it, DVD version of the US Topo 100 and DVD version of West coast maps. Hit jnx file limit already with birdseye so trying to figure out how to handle that issue. I admit this stuff is all new to me but I’m a gadgit geek so we’ll see. So far, I love the unit. Small, light, easy to read. Great battery life with aftermarket NiMH batteries (2500 ma).

  4. FYI, I just got a shipment notice for my Oregon 650. Here’s hoping it gets here fast and is a solid product!

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