Sunday, March 18, 2012

2014 Webby Award Winner for Best Use of GPS


One of the more prestigious Internet awards, Webby, has given the app Glympse the Best Use of GPS award for 2014. Glympse, which we listed as one of the best apps for Android in a previous article, allows users to send realtime updates of their location to friends and family for meetups. The service is fast and secure, as users can specify how long they wish to let their location be tracked and who can view it. The app doesn’t require any additional software or setup, and friends or family can check in on their tablet, desktop or phone if you send them your link. The app itself is available on Android, iPhone and Windows Phones and is free to use. Surprisingly, it doesn’t seem to have any support for actually giving navigation directions.

Other nominees for the award include:

Pin Drop – A bookmarking tool for marking your own POI and networking to see what locations others have discovered.

GTI+Underworld: Play The Road – An app that uses your GPS location and driving habits to create unique music based on your driving style, speed, location and more.

HAILO – This app is designed to hail and pay for a cab without having to resort to flailing and shouting on the street and is based on your location.

The World’s Most Valuable Check-In: GREY – This app sends an alert to people at Foursquare locations closest to where a child abduction has taken place in order to try and help police locate the child faster.

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