Sunday, March 18, 2012

4th of July GPS Deals

Magellan Cyclo

Independence Day is tomorrow and, like with all American holidays, that means that retailers around the nation will have sales on items. We did a little bit of searching and found a few deals on GPS devices this weekend.

  • Cabela’s is having a sale and, while many of their GPS devices aren’t marked down, some of them are reduced to a more affordable level.
  • TechBargains isn’t an actual retailer, but they do track sales on other sites. Some of the prices seem a little high, but the sales are excellent and would be a good place to start.
  • Staples may seem an odd place to buy GPS, but they are having a deal for $15 off $100 purchase as well as a 20% of any item sale, which could land you with a new GPS for a good price, although their selection is a little limited.
  • Best Buy also has some pretty good deals on GPS.

Amazon and has some pretty good sales going on this weekend as well, but we didn’t see anything specifically about GPS. But enterprising shoppers might be able to find a coupon with a little bit of searching. Happy Fourth!

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