Sunday, March 18, 2012

Civilian Anti-Jamming GPS Technology Coming Soon


As GPS becomes more and more a part of everyday life, the worry of GPS jamming disrupting the system grows greater. Military research has resulted in several high-tech solutions to the problem: but what about the civilian market? Chemring Technology Solutions has announced the development of the world’s first miniaturized GPS anti-jamming chip, called GINCAN. The device is based on military solutions to the problem, but is small enough to be used in a range of devices from cell phones and handheld devices to in-vehicle GPS systems. It will be compatible with both GPS and Galileo systems.

In a press release, Martin Ward, Product Manager, Chemring Technology Solutions, said: “As we become increasingly reliant on GPS technology, and low-cost jammers are proliferating, so a potential time bomb is being created. Chemring Technology Solutions is now able to offer the answer to this problem with jammer protection at a reduced size, weight, power and cost footprint.”

From what it sounds like, the device is hot out of the lab, and isn’t installed in many devices yet. But, as GPS becomes a routine part of everyday life, expect to see more and more technology to combat jamming become standard in your handheld devices.

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