Sunday, March 18, 2012

Geocaching Event Calendar

2014 GPS predictions

Geocaching, despite its growing popularity, is still something of an underground activity. If you are tired of getting strange looks from muggles while walking in circles looking for a new cache (and then the frustration of standing around waiting for them to leave so you can GET the cache after you have found it), this month is the perfect time to find a Geocacher event near you!

If you’re looking for some like-minded entertainment, check out’s Event Calendar, which features all of the geocaching events located around the world. This month features more than 300 events in more than 30 different countries so you’re bound to be able to find some like-minded people. A majority of these celebrations will be on the weekend with a ton happening tomorrow, July 5, 2014. So if you haven’t found anything to do this weekend, why not grab your GPS and head out to play some games with your fellow treasure seekers?

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