Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Location Based App Game for Kids

location based GPS Dreamworks 2

This location based App uses your GPS information to change gameplay

Windows has released a new location based mobile app for kids featuring DreamWorks Animation’s popular movie series “How To Train  Your Dragon.” The app uses real-time GPS mapping technology in the gameplay, so real roads, buildings, traffic conditions, weather and other GPS location information will change virtual locations and conditions in the app.

The app also features a play-at-home Explore mode featuring quests across 16 real-world cities (with no physical travel necessary) and a Train Mode where kids can play quests during trips where real streets and buildings will show up in the game. The app also uses Foursquare social media-based interaction to help players find points of interest and unlock new characters and dragons.

While not incredibly useful, the app seems like a neat way to integrate GPS technology so kids can use it—and a good way to keep children occupied during travels. The game features favorite characters from the movie and a total of 38 quests. It is only available for Windows phones, and it is free. I haven’t had a chance to try it out, but I like the idea, and it sounds very similar to the popular Wherigo cartridges played on dedicated GPS devices.

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