Sunday, March 18, 2012

Map Update for TomTom Adds 4 Countries


TomTom has released a map update for their popular mapping database, adding new city and road information for four countries. This map update adds Algeria, Colombia, Israel and Yemen to TomTom’s already extensive list. TomTom Maps now includes 118 countries and covers more than 42.8 million kilometers (about 26.6 million miles) of road and infrastructure and covers around 4.1 billion people worldwide. All of this information is integrated into TomTom’s premier navigable map database, MultiNet, which allows automotive, enterprise and government customers to develop cutting-edge applications that feature turn-by-turn navigation, routing display, and geo-coding features.

“As we expand our global map footprint, we continue to provide the freshest and most accurate maps around the world,” said Charles Cautley, Managing Director of TomTom Maps in a press release. “With the addition of navigable, turn-by-turn maps to these markets, TomTom offers superior navigation, location based services, and geocoding capabilities.

This map update and additional maps can be downloaded from TomTom’s map page.


  1. David Field says:

    It’s October 2015 and Israel is still not on their map list in spite of saying it was added in July 2014

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