Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Motorcycle Mount for GPS Released Today

Techgripper nuviToday, PowerSportsUS has announced the release of their newest motorcycle mount, the TechGripper. This super strong mount can be attached to a motorcycle in a number of ways and has a range from 2 inches to 4.2 inches, allowing users to mount small GPS devices or even a phone without having to remove the phone case. This mount has an 18-pound per inch grip using stainless steel springs and a super strong polymer resin.

The TechGripper is compatible with all of PowerSportUS Techmount products and can be purchased on their website for $40-$90, depending on what kind of mount you need. Available mounts include: handlebar, standard and metric, Harley-Davidson, BMU Motorcycle control, Yamaha FJR, BMT RT, BMW GT, Yamaha/Kawasaki and more.

It was just released from mass production this week, so we haven’t managed to get our hands on it yet, but we will keep you updated!


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