Sunday, March 18, 2012

Voice Caddie Golf GPS Ups Its Game…And Yours

Voice Cady VC300Voice Caddie’s newest golf GPS unit is almost in a league of its own. With a sleek, futuristic screen-less and hands-free design, the VC300 allows golfers to focus on what really matters–their game. This voice output GPS rangefinder is equipped with nine pre-recorded languages, and speaks in a clear easily-understood voice. It also features volume control and is designed to clip to a hat, shirt, golf bag or anywhere else. The device comes pre-loaded with more than 3,000 courses worldwide and can recognize the course the golfer is playing. With a simple touch and GPS technology, the VC300 can measure the distance to the front, back, and center of the green as well as the shot distance for drives.

The device was first marketed in South Korea, and is available worldwide for $149.99. Ultimately, the device was designed to replace a knowledgeable caddie for golfers who seek quality, superior design and help on the green. The device comes in white, black or pink. For more information, check out their website.

“Our company works very hard to go beyond consumer expectations of golf GPS technology. The VC300 includes never-before-seen features like smart touch technology, verified accuracy, and a sleek design,” said Juno Kim, Voice Caddie CEO in a press release.


  1. Hope it’ll be a Hit, like it’s brother: GolfBuddy Voice GPS.

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