Sunday, March 18, 2012

World’s Smallest Industrial Tracker Released


The Geoforce Engineering team has released the GT0 Compact Asset Tracker for commercial and industrial use. The GT0 is the world’s smallest and lightest global satellite tracker with an internal battery that can last for years without recharging. The device is small, measuring just 2.7 inches square and 1.3 inches tall with an omni-directional antenna, so you can stick it wherever and not worry about the device. It is designed to last up to five years in the field and send location updates twice a day.

The GT0 also has Bluetooth capability, so support can be available for remote sensor monitoring. It also features QR coding for mobile scanning, RFID and GPS technology. The device is manufactured 100% in the U.S and pairs well with Geoforce’s Track and Trace software.

The device is designed to be used with tanks, containers, waste disposal bins, trailers, roll-offs, Conex containers, cargo units, intermediate bulk containers or attached to a trailer chassis.

“Our customers are constantly pushing for smaller, easier to deploy, and of course – more affordable devices.  With the GT0 we are delivering on all three. This is a truly exciting product that will bring the benefits of our track and trace solutions to new asset classes,” said James S. MacLean III, Geoforce’s President and CEO in a press release on their website.


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