Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tips for Buying a GPS Tracker


If you read GPS Tracklog at all, then you probably know that there are literally dozens (if not hundreds) of different GPS trackers out there designed to track everything from your belongings to your pets, and even your loved ones. Depending on your situation, it can bring great peace of mind to not have to worry where Fido is, or to know that your child is exactly where they said they would be. But, as the market becomes more and more crowded, it can be hard to sort through and see which tracker is the best choice for you and your family.

While it might seem like all GPS trackers are the same thing (and there definitely are similarities) they can be vastly different and picking the right one is important. So, here we’ll go over some things to consider when you’re buying a GPS tracker.

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New Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker Announced


There are literally hundreds of GPS pet trackers available to keep track of your furry family members. Most of them are basically the same, but as technology and features change and upgrade, it’s worth revisiting. One of the most recent tracking devices announced is the Whistle 3, an upgraded version of the Whistle GPS pet locator. This device was recently announced at the 2017 CES and is expected to be available in February of 2017.

The new Whistle 3 is a smaller, sleeker, and more accurate version of the previous device. It is designed for pets weighing less than 8 lbs, but just looking at the size specifications, it doesn’t look like it is really optimized for cats. The device is, however, shock resistant and waterproof with an IP67 rating. The device does require a monthly subscription, which ranges from $7 – $10 per month. read more

GPS Smartwatch for Kids Encourages Creativity


Kids GPS trackers are, for the most part, a dime a dozen. We’ve written about several different ones and, much like pet trackers, they are basically all trying to fix the same problems and all have the same solutions. However, the new POMO Waffle is a little different and, of all the GPS trackers that I’ve read about, this is the first I actually would consider purchasing for a child.

At its core, the POMO Waffle is a kids smartwatch with the sort of helicopter parent GPS functionality that all kids smartwatches come with, including the ability to set safe zones and track where your child has been via an app. However, unlike other GPS watches, the POMO Waffle actually has some really cool features that will make kids want to wear it, and will actually help them learn, play, and stay safe.

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Uber Updates Introduce Background GPS Tracking


Although it’s not something that I spend a lot of time writing about on this blog, the reality is that GPS tracking is a huge part of what makes GPS such a useful and prevalent technology. Through GPS tracking apps and websites, users are able to get directions and location-based information and other services. But, with that functionality comes the potential for a lot of privacy issues and concerns.

Recently, the popular app Uber, which provides cab rides from private drivers for less than the cost of a regular taxi, came under fire after an update requests permission to track users location constantly. While users can opt out of the tracking, reports indicate that the app becomes basically unusable and nonfunctional. With the release, Uber stated that it only had intention to track users for 5 minutes after drop off, but the legal language of the permission allows always-on tracking, even when the app is closed.

After the most recent update, when users open the app, they are greeted with the following prompt: read more

5 Reasons Why You Need a GPS Bike Computer

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As the fight to help reduce the use of fossil fuels heats up around the world, more and more people are walking, taking public transportation, and riding bicycles. And, while the average smartphone can definitely do a lot of the same tracking and such that a dedicated GPS bike computer can, there are also some major benefits to having a separate device for your bike. read more

Findster Duo Provides Real-time GPS Pet Tracking with No Fee


Whether your furry friend is a professional escape artist, or simply loves running and playing, it only takes a moment to lose them. For many people, your dog is a part of the family, and while there are plenty of GPS pet trackers, most of then are basically new versions of the exact same thing. However, the folks behind the popular Findster GPS tracker have announced that they are creating a new no-fee GPS pet tracker.

The Findster Duo features many of the same sorts of things that you’d expect from a commercial pet GPS tracker including 5-10 foot margin of error, invisible leash, built-in radar, security fences, and realtime GPS tracking. However, unlike most pet trackers on the market, Findster Duo doesn’t require any cellular connection, making it one of the only trackers with no monthly fee. read more

REI Portland Offers GPS Basics Class


While GPS is definitely not a new technology, it is surprisingly specialized. I am constantly shocked at how many of my friends and even my family are either completely oblivious, or else have absolutely ridiculous (and definitely incorrect) assumptions about how GPS works, how much it costs, how it can be used, and who uses it. It seems to be one of those technologies that, for most people, simply works.

So, if you have someone in your life who has been trying to understand your GPS device unsuccessfully, then Portland’s REI company has a solution. On February 22, REI will be hosting a beginner class titled GPS Navigation Basics, which anyone can sign up for. In this class, which lasts two hours, participants will learn the basics of how to use a handheld GPS device including use, marking waypoints, navigation, tracklogs, and other basic information. read more

GPS Enabled Pedal to Decrease Band Theft


Unfortunately, stealing from music groups in St. Louis is pretty common. It’s an issue that has been going on for years, and ultimately is hurting the music scene in the city. Robberies of tour vans have become so common, in fact, that many artists refuse to play in St. Louis anymore.

One musician who suffered from the robberies, a hip-hop artist that goes by Spose, went as far to say, “If you wanna see me perform in the future come to Chicago or something, cuz St. Louis is dead to me.” Obviously, there is a real need for something to solve this issue, so Jesse Caron, St. Louis native and owner of Gigbox, decided to take matters into his own hands.  read more

SPOT GPS Tracker Saves Hiker’s Life


Hiking can be dangerous at times, and so something like a GPS tracker is almost a necessity just in case the unimaginable happens. Recently, SPOT GPS has chalked up yet another life saved as a hiker was forced to use it after being injured on the trail.

Philip Herweyer of Park County was out on the trail with his horse when his lead rope tangled into his pistol, causing it to fire and shoot him in the leg. Herweyer was twelve hours from the trail head when he was injured, but luckily, his SPOT Gen3 device came with a 911 button, which sent a message to a central dispatch station. read more

PetTronix Launches Subscription-Free Pet Tracker

Pet tracking is one of many GPS technologies that has exploded in recent years and there is no shortage of options if you’re looking for something to help you keep track of your wayward pup. We’ve written about various different trackers over the last year or so but to be totally frank, they are all basically the same with very few differences between them. They all have the same basic features and the same basic cost structure, usually some sort of monthly subscription service.

Well, PetTronix has announced that it will be launching a new GPS tracker for dogs which not only avoids using cell towers but won’t continually dip into dog owners’ pockets for a monthly fee to keep it going. Instead, the creatively named RoamEO SeekR works more like a combination between a handheld GPS unit and an actual GPS tracker chip to attach to the dog’s collar. read more