Sunday, March 18, 2012

Caref GPS Watch Helps Track Older Kids


If you’re looking for a tracker for a small child, you don’t have any shortage of options to choose from. However, if you want something to track a wayward teen or middle-schooler, your options are slim indeed. Introducing the Caref GPS Phone Watch by Precise Innovation, a GPS enabled watch (that doesn’t look like a conspicuous tracker) which allows parents to track location and speed of their free-roaming teens. The device also features two-way voice and text calling that automatically answers, so they won’t have the option of ignoring your call, plus other features.


The Caref GPS Watch

The Caref GPS Phone Watch is waterproof with a 24 hour battery and features an SOS button to send text messages in case of emergency, geofencing so you can be notified if they leave a designated area, and 3 hour location breadcrumbs so you can see where they have been in case of emergency. The watch comes in green, pink, yellow, purple or black.


The Kidsport GPS Tracking Band

The same company also has a tracker available for smaller children, called the Kidsport GPS Tracking Band, which is much smaller and does not feature calling or speed alerts. It does, however, have many of the same features plus a safety latch to let you know if the band is removed or cut off. The band comes in blue, green or pink and can be customized with fun charms on the side.

Both devices are available for preorder for $129 and will be shipped late this fall. The devices also require a data plan (to support the calling and such, no doubt), which can be purchased for $9.99/month and does not require a contract, so it can be cancelled and renewed at any time with no penalties. The watches can be tracked on your smartphone or tablet with an accompanying app.

The company also has a third device, Gabriel GPS, designed to track elderly and those with autism, Alzheimer’s or other disabilities. There aren’t any specs on Gabriel available on their website, and the device is slated to be released later this fall.



  1. a nice blog post about gps tracker for kids thanks for sharing

  2. Alana Mendoza says:

    Is there a limit to how many people the child can call or text or are they only allowed to call/text The one parent? I’ve looked everywhere for this answer. Will someone please answer me….

  3. We are on the 2nd one and the phone and text part works good. The first one would not lock onto GPS. The 2nd one locked onto GPS but wont pull a emergency location when asked. I called on a Monday and was told to get support I had to send a email off and I did. I then received a email stating we should be contacted within 24 hours. Well its Friday now, so I called again and they made a ticket and said someone will call me within 24 hours. I don’t trust this device and the support is worthless.

  4. Robin Tapinos says:

    Please can you send us information on pricing on the children to adult bands and tracking watches with sos buttons, we need this information urgently to be able to place orders with you.

    We are based in South Africa

  5. Robin Tapinos says:


    We would like to purchase bands to watches with tracking and panic buttons for infants to adults. Please can you send me prices and a picture of each.

    We are based in South Africa

  6. Robin Tapinos says:


    Please can you assist our company we do real time tracking of people in distress. We like your product but need updated price lists and pictures, can you assist please

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