Sunday, March 18, 2012

Study Shows Shoppers Reject Indoor Tracking

Exerpt from Infographic created by OpinionLabs

Image from Infographic created by OpinionLabs

Indoor GPS technology has become quite the topic here recently. Quite a portion of the articles I have found are on all the different methods that we can use to take GPS navigation and implement it inside a building. Airports, malls and other large structures would benefit, some say. However, the idea of a corporation tracking shoppers movements is not something that has been widely accepted.

OpinionLab recently conducted a study asking consumers whether or not they would be comfortable letting companies track them and under what circumstances it would be acceptable or not. The infographic they have created is below, but basically the consensus is that a majority of shoppers are definitely not comfortable with sharing their location and data with companies. The most common reason was security—they didn’t believe that the company would keep that information private. In fact, around 44% said that if a company implemented a tracking program they would be less likely to shop there.

Check out the numbers for yourself:

Infographic courtesy of OpinionLab.

Infographic courtesy of OpinionLab.


With results like these, I don’t expect that we’ll see indoor tracking widely implemented for a little while yet. Public opinion is slow and it will probably take people quite a while to get used to the idea. And I’m not sure that’s a bad thing, per se.

What do you think? Do you think that companies should be able to track shoppers?

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