Sunday, March 18, 2012

Man Runs 8 Miles For a Dream Job

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Here at GPS Tracklog, we write about a lot of GPS relevant news and stories from all over the web. We also cover (and occasionally review) new products, discuss drone debates and watch legal issues relevant to GPS. It’s all pretty important and relevant stuff for the GNSS/GPS market. But today, I wanted to share something that’s not really that newsworthy; it’s just kind of fun.  I read an article about this initially on CBS’s San Francisco web page. You can take a peek at it here.

Last week, a San Francisco man applied to Strava, a GPS running and cycling app company. After applying, he was so excited about the position he went on an eight mile run and, using GPS and Strava’s own app, he spelled out the words “hire me” across several blocks of San Francisco. He then posted the image to Reddit, and several internet sites have picked up the image and story since.

Now, I’ve been known to be pretty persistent when it comes to job searching and applying, but I don’t know that I’ve ever been quite that enthusiastic. Unfortunately, as this was only posted early last week, I haven’t seen anything about whether or not the guy actually got the job. I know I’d certainly consider hiring him after something like that!

Have you ever used your GPS to make art or any kind of design? There are actually a couple websites dedicated to the idea, and some of the images are actually pretty cool. You can take a look at some of the neat stuff people have done here and here.

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