Sunday, March 18, 2012

GPS City Promo Discounts Oregon 650 by $110

Garmin Oregon 650t review

Ok, so this isn’t normally something that I’d dedicate an entire post to, but the Garmin Oregon 650 is really an excellent little unit, and taking $110 of of the normal price plus free shipping is really a pretty good deal. You can get it now through April 27, 2015 at GPS City.

The Garmin Oregon 650 is an phenomenal device which features a full-color touch screen, an 8 MP camera, a worldwide basemap with shaded relief, a 3-axis electronic compass with accelerometer and barometric altimeter sensors, geocaching capabilities and more. In short, it’s a great investment.

The normal list price of the unit is $479.99, but for a limited time, has been discounted to $369.95. For more information, check out our full review or visit the GPS City website. The device has excellent ratings all across the board, and for dedicated outdoor enthusiasts, the Garmin Oregon 650 is well worth the time.

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