Sunday, March 18, 2012

Navigate the World With Pac Man


I have a confession to make. The following story doesn’t really relate to GPS, but since I know that most of you probably don’t use Google Maps, I wanted to share it anyway. Happy Easter!

Have you ever looked at a map and thought, “This would make a really fun Pac Man Game!” Yeah, me neither, but that’s apparently why you and I don’t work at Google. In honor of April Fool’s, the tech giant released a new Pac Man game skin for the Google Maps program. You can select any location in the world that has enough roads and then waste countless minutes guiding the hungry little yellow circle through the streets. It’s a complete time waster, and also an absolute blast.

For the most part, the Pac Man game only works in major cities with a really high density. The top image is in New York, while the below image is in London. There is a “I’m feeling lucky” option that will take you to a random map location too, which is kind of fun. You are, unfortunately, locked to one screen so there isn’t really a lot of options to explore. Guess you can’t have everything.



But, if you’re really looking for a challenge, try the Taj Mahal. Talk about tricky….

taj mahal

I doubt that this feature will be around for very long, but it certainly is fun. Be sure to check back tomorrow for more actual GPS news! And have a fun and relaxing Easter weekend, everybody!

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