Sunday, March 18, 2012

GPS Sends Drivers on Train Tracks

Image from Fox News

Today I have yet another story of people paying more attention to the soothing GPS voice than their own common sense. In Cuyohoga Falls, Ohio, visitors have been seen driving along the train tracks and blaming bad directions from GPS units.
According to Fox News, visitors claim that when you drive down a certain road in West Cuyahoga Falls, the GPS will tell you to turn right, and drivers who do turn right on to the railroad tracks. There has actually been one reported incident of a train hitting a car, although no one was injured in the accident. Many of the incidents happen at night.

“We’ve added a sign over the on-ramp which is where they are supposed to be going; we’ve added a light with more lumens right over the tracks; we are actually adding another spot and flood light over the tracks; we are adding another sign that will designate where the on-ramp is,” Mayor Walters told Fox News.

So, here’s your pro tip for the day: If your GPS tells you to play chicken with a train… Don’t.

On a more serious note, while GPS is pretty awesome and pretty much invaluable when trying to find your way around unfamiliar areas, at the end of the day drivers need to be sure that they aren’t just blindly listening to the little voice on the machine. It is encouraging that no one was injured in this most recent incident, unlike the closed road incident a few months ago.

You can check out the Fox News video for the full story and more information. Be safe out there, everyone!

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