Sunday, March 18, 2012

Scout GPS Tracker to Launch in September

Scout GPS tracker

There are a lot of different GPS trackers on the market, many of which we’ve talked about in the past. All of them claim to be the first at something and some of them never even launch from Kickstarter. So, despite how cool the new tracker Scout looked, I admit I had no plans to write about it. The website looks pretty nice, but the Kickstarter page received next to no funding. Almost a total flop.

However, the company has been setting up orders on its website and recently made a Kickstarter announcement that it simply hasn’t had the time to devote to the Kickstarter, but that production will continue as planned and the device is set to release in September. How, exactly, it will be funded with a flopped Kickstarter campaign I am unsure. So while I’m going to go ahead and tell you a little bit about it, I might suggest that consumers be a little wary.

Scout is a relatively small little GPS tracking device which claims to be the first location tracker to use both Bluetooth and GPS/cellular service in a single device. The device relies on AGPS technology and will only function in locations that have 2G GSM cellular coverage. The device reportedly works both indoors and outdoors.

As far as actual GPS tracking, Scout does almost everything that pretty much every other GPS tracker does including real-time location tracking, geofencing (referred to as “safe” and “alert” zones), route and location tracking history, safety tether to alert you if the device goes a specified distance from your smartphone, speed and direction notifications, and smartphone integration via an app. Scout is pretty reasonably sized and is being marketed for tracking pets, children, loved ones and even items.


Because Scout uses cellular networks in addition to GPS, there is a $10 monthly fee associated with using the device, although the company does offer the first four months free with your purchase. The Scout device is expected to launch in September, although the company is taking preorders right now. The tracker costs around $100 and comes in yellow or black with more colors including blue and silver in the works.

For more information on Scout or to pick up one of the promotional bundles which includes the first 4 months of free service, visit the Scout website.

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