Sunday, March 18, 2012

Smart Tracker Still a Hit on Indiegogo


smart tracker

A couple of months ago, we wrote briefly about a new GPS tracker called Smart Tracker. The tracker was notable because it blasted through its (admittedly small) goal and promised a lot. Well, in a only slightly shady move, the company behind Smart Tracker has written off its last project in favor of Smart Tracker 2, an updated version of the original. All former backers from Smart Tracker were invited to upgrade to Smart Tracker 2 for an additional $50, or else request a refund as the first Smart Tracker is no longer in production.

Much like the previous Smart Tracker, Smart Tracker 2 makes a ton of promises and has a pretty slick looking campaign which is set to end this coming Tuesday. Surprisingly, the Smart Tracker 2 has also blasted through the funding goal with far less work and development already on the table. The company is incredibly reticent about specs as well, which makes me a little leery.

Regardless, because it has had so much interest I wanted to go ahead and make a brief obligatory post about it and let you guys be the judges. Here’s a video talking about all of the things that the Smart Tracker 2 can do:

Smart Tracker – Function and features from Smart Tracker on Vimeo.

See? Little bit of everything. Of course, the original Smart Tracker boasted nearly all of those features. The changes between the old one and the newer design include:

  • pre-installed SIM – According to the company information, the SIM uses 2G networks and should work worldwide with the exception of Japan and South Korea.
  • No monthly fee – Mobile subscription and tracking is included in the price of the device, with an expected life of 2 – 3 years. After that, users may have to purchase and pay for their own SIM card.
  • Memory – So it can store and record tracking information
  • Audio quality – In a definitely-not-creepy way, this tracker can actually record and play audio around it, and supposedly the quality is 47% better (although that seems awfully specific to me).
  • Two way communication – You can apparently talk through the tracker via a mobile device. I assume there must be some kind of speaker or something included.
  • Multiple colors – the Smart Tracker 2 is available in blue and in yellow with a music note symbol so you can try and convince people it isn’t a GPS tracker. Although there aren’t any buttons other than the SOS button, so good luck with that.

The Smart Tracker 2 is available via Indiegogo right now, and the fully-funded campaign is scheduled to end on July 28, 2015. You can pick one up for $100, and I presume the price will be a little higher after the campaign, although nothing is listed.

For more information on Smart Tracker 2, check out their website.

As with all Indiegogo campaigns, I’ll just leave you with a word of warning that many technology crowdfunding campaigns that seem too good to be true really are. I’m not convinced this one is a scam, but it certainly makes a lot of promises, so I’d recommend you be a little cautious.


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