Sunday, March 18, 2012

PetTronix Launches Subscription-Free Pet Tracker

Pet tracking is one of many GPS technologies that has exploded in recent years and there is no shortage of options if you’re looking for something to help you keep track of your wayward pup. We’ve written about various different trackers over the last year or so but to be totally frank, they are all basically the same with very few differences between them. They all have the same basic features and the same basic cost structure, usually some sort of monthly subscription service.

Well, PetTronix has announced that it will be launching a new GPS tracker for dogs which not only avoids using cell towers but won’t continually dip into dog owners’ pockets for a monthly fee to keep it going. Instead, the creatively named RoamEO SeekR works more like a combination between a handheld GPS unit and an actual GPS tracker chip to attach to the dog’s collar.

RoamEO-Studio-27What sets RoamEO SeekR apart for me is not only the lack of a subscription, but the handheld unit that goes along with the device. Much like one of Garmin’s dog training system, RoamEO SeekR has a dedicated touchscreen LED device to help users easily keep track of their pet without running down a cell battery. It does mean more than one unit to juggle while out on the trail, but if it works like intended the benefits will far outweigh the inconvenience of an extra device.

In other aspects, the dog tracking system is much like any other tracker and utilizes GPS and Radio Frequency in order to pinpoint location. The unit updates location every four seconds and the handheld can work over a distance of 5-7 miles. Owners can set up various different types of geofences with the unit as well as simply track the distance, location and velocity of the collar transmitter.

Unlike with Garmin units, the collar portion of the RoamEO SeekR system is pretty small measuring 0.90″ W x 0.68″ H x 6.80″ L and weighing 1.8 ounces, making it far less bulky. The unit is waterproof with an IPX7 rating and rechargeable with an expected battery life of more than a week, depending on use.

The RoamEO SeekR system is expected to be available in August and will retail for $279. However, consumers who pre-order the unit can get a 20% discount and pay $223 instead. The unit comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a year warranty which covers replacement of the device should there be any defects.

For more information on the RoamEO SeekR device, visit the PetTronix website. I personally haven’t had any experience with this company so I’m not really sure what to expect. It does sound pretty good though. We’ll just have to see if the company delivers.

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