Sunday, March 18, 2012

Strava Doodler Creates Images With GPS


There are a lot of things that you can do with GPS, but as you have probably guessed, I find the more unusual and creative uses of GPS extremely fun and interesting. Not only does it test the limits of this pervasive technology but also forces people to look at things a little differently.

So, while it’s not really all that important news-wise since today is Labor Day I decided to take some time and share some of the coolest doodles from the self-proclaimed GPS Doodler, Stephen Lund. 

According to his blog, Sketchbook of a GPS Artist, Lund has been using his GPS and Strava to create some pretty fantastic pictures since the beginning of 2015 and has done more than 50 GPS doodles, some of which span a staggering distance. He does both images and letters, fictional creatures, animals and people. Unlike other GPS art that I’ve written about, Lund does a lot more planning ahead and the results are absolutely fantastic.

Here are some of his cooler GPS doodles:








I am not really sure what kind of GPS Lund uses to make his fantastic art, but Bicycling Magazine recently did an article featuring Lund, complete with tips on how to make your own GPS art. You can check it out here.


  1. Looking at the wings of his hummingbird he must have the ability to pass through solid objects or the flight capabilities of a bird.

  2. Reinhard Schimek says:

    I always document my hikes. One day when coming home from a hike, I viewed all the trails that we did that day and noticed something very intriguing. The paths that we took that day outline a seahorse .The hike can be view by the link…
    Since that day, I always wondered what pattern will emerge from the hikes…

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