Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tumi to Launch Luggage GPS


The TUMI Global Locator – A New Wireless Tracking Device. Any Bag. Anywhere.™ (Photo: Business Wire

One of the worst parts of flying anywhere is, aside from the insane airport security, the risk of losing luggage. Whenever I travel, I always try and pack at least a few clothes in my carry-on just in case something happens and the airline misplaces my bags. It happens, and there are a few companies that have stepped forward to try and solve the issue with GPS luggage tags or even expensive GPS-equipped suitcases.

Recently, popular suitcase and travel accessory company Tumi has announced that it has partnered with GPS tracking company LugTrack  and wireless company AT&T to offer customers a way to keep tabs on their luggage from airport to airport.

The new Tumi Global Locator is a travel-centric GPS locator which is FAA compliant and will automatically shut off while the plane is in flight, making for a safe voyage and easy tracking before and after the plane lands.

There isn’t actually a whole lot of information available about the device just yet as it is not commercially available. However, the Tumi Global Locator has been confirmed to use basically every possible connectivity option in order to ensure that your luggage stays found. The device comes equipped with GPS, Wifi, GSM (via AT&T) and Bluetooth technology. I think it’s also likely safe to say that the device will connect with users via an app, although no official details have been released.

The Tumi Global Locator is expected to be available in the fourth quarter of this year, which means sometime after October. If you would like more information or updates on the device, you can sign up for an email notification when the device will become available on Tumi’s website.

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