Sunday, March 18, 2012

SPOT GPS Tracker Saves Hiker’s Life


Hiking can be dangerous at times, and so something like a GPS tracker is almost a necessity just in case the unimaginable happens. Recently, SPOT GPS has chalked up yet another life saved as a hiker was forced to use it after being injured on the trail.

Philip Herweyer of Park County was out on the trail with his horse when his lead rope tangled into his pistol, causing it to fire and shoot him in the leg. Herweyer was twelve hours from the trail head when he was injured, but luckily, his SPOT Gen3 device came with a 911 button, which sent a message to a central dispatch station.

In Herweyer’s case, having a GPS tracker was invaluable. What would you do if you were out scouting, virtually in the middle of nowhere, and you literally were shot in the leg? In most remote areas, including but definitely not limited to national parks, call phone coverage will not reach you.

For this reason, SPOT is nearly irreplaceable for outdoor enthusiasts, whether they are out hiking, hunting, biking, or even researching. While most trackers for hiking come equipped with an emergency button, there are a lot of other features to keep in mind, like the tracking interval frequently and battery life. SPOT trackers also come with service plans which are required to use them, but it is well worth the cost.

Spot boasts on their website that it has 4,000 rescues and counting— a number I can’t chalk up to chance events. The company’s most popular devices include the Spot Gen3 tracker, the Spot Trace for tracking valuables, and the Spot global satellite phone. You can find a full list of Spot’s products as well as pricing on the SPOT website.

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