Sunday, March 18, 2012

Findster Duo Provides Real-time GPS Pet Tracking with No Fee


Whether your furry friend is a professional escape artist, or simply loves running and playing, it only takes a moment to lose them. For many people, your dog is a part of the family, and while there are plenty of GPS pet trackers, most of then are basically new versions of the exact same thing. However, the folks behind the popular Findster GPS tracker have announced that they are creating a new no-fee GPS pet tracker.

The Findster Duo features many of the same sorts of things that you’d expect from a commercial pet GPS tracker including 5-10 foot margin of error, invisible leash, built-in radar, security fences, and realtime GPS tracking. However, unlike most pet trackers on the market, Findster Duo doesn’t require any cellular connection, making it one of the only trackers with no monthly fee.

findster-duoSimilar to the Findster device, the Findster Duo features a pet module you can clip to your pet’s collar and a guardian module you keep on your person. The two modules can communicate with each other, making a cellular connection unnecessary. As far as tracking actual GPS tracking, alerts, and challenges, there is an accompanying app that can be used with an Android or iOS phone.

However, one of the coolest things about this GPS pet tracker is that it singlehandedly helps bring your pet into the 21st century with a full suite of activity tracking, challenges, and more. In fact, looking at the feature list, it almost acts like a fitness tracker for your pooch, alerting you to his or her health, tracking steps walked, and even helping you earn some additional coupons to use on pet products, like food.

Here’s a video released by the company about the device:

The device launched on Kickstarter a few weeks ago, and is today in the final home stretch. Backed by more than 1,400 people, the Findster Duo has raised more than $200,000 and will be ending on Thursday—so if you’re wanting to get in on the action, now is the time! You can click here to make your pledge. Supporters can pick up a Findster Duo for $99 through Kickstarter although I suspect that it will be available (albeit a bit more expensive) afterwards as well.


  1. This product is being like by quite a few dog owners!

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