Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker Announced


There are literally hundreds of GPS pet trackers available to keep track of your furry family members. Most of them are basically the same, but as technology and features change and upgrade, it’s worth revisiting. One of the most recent tracking devices announced is the Whistle 3, an upgraded version of the Whistle GPS pet locator. This device was recently announced at the 2017 CES and is expected to be available in February of 2017.

The new Whistle 3 is a smaller, sleeker, and more accurate version of the previous device. It is designed for pets weighing less than 8 lbs, but just looking at the size specifications, it doesn’t look like it is really optimized for cats. The device is, however, shock resistant and waterproof with an IP67 rating. The device does require a monthly subscription, which ranges from $7 – $10 per month.

whistle3-appHere are some of the features:

  • Nationwide GPS Tracking – Locate and track your pet nationwide with an app
  • Safe Area – set known safe zones, like home or the dog park, and keep tabs on your pet when they are out of thsoe places.
  • Location Alerts – Get email, text, or app alerts when pets leave safe areas
  • 3 Points of Protection – Uses GPS, Wifi, and cellular signals to track pets (subscription required)
  • Track Daily Activity – Track rest and activity to keep your pet in good shape for their age, weight, and breed.

To me, one of the more interesting features of this is the activity tracking, making this kind of like a smartwatch for your pet with GPS tracking and activity functions. There is no list of the amount of breeds that are included in the device, but it does allow you to track your pet’s progress and know if they are acting oddly or if they just need a little extra time outside today.

As far as hardware goes, the Whistle 3 is expected to get around 10 days worth of life before needing a charge, and it comes with high-precision GPS technology for faster, more accurate tracking.

At the time of writing, the device was not available yet, but will market for $79.99 plus the monthly subscription plan to cover tracking costs. The Whistle 3 is expected to be available in February 2017 and users can get an email notification when it goes on sale by signing up here.

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