Sunday, March 18, 2012

Scout GPS Tracker to Launch in September

Scout GPS tracker

There are a lot of different GPS trackers on the market, many of which we’ve talked about in the past. All of them claim to be the first at something and some of them never even launch from Kickstarter. So, despite how cool the new tracker Scout looked, I admit I had no plans to write about it. The website looks pretty nice, but the Kickstarter page received next to no funding. Almost a total flop.

However, the company has been setting up orders on its website and recently made a Kickstarter announcement that it simply hasn’t had the time to devote to the Kickstarter, but that production will continue as planned and the device is set to release in September. How, exactly, it will be funded with a flopped Kickstarter campaign I am unsure. So while I’m going to go ahead and tell you a little bit about it, I might suggest that consumers be a little wary. read more

Komodo Looking for Kickstarter Funding

komodo ecotrack

Every once in a while I like to skim through Kickstarter and Indiegogo to see if there are any promising new technologies looking to enter the GPS market like the extremely successful Trakr or the Iotera. Today, I heard about a new GPS tracker from KOMODO Technologies and wanted to tell you about it. As always, I caution readers to be wary with crowdfunding projects, as there is always some risk. This one, however, looks like pretty minimal risk and for the right user, quite a bit of reward. read more

TomTom GPS Watches Compatible with Nike+


TomTom announced late last week that it has partnered with Nike again to bring compatibility with the Nike+ Running App to various TomTom GPS  Sport Watches. The press release didn’t list out specific TomTom watches, so I would assume this update provides compatibility to pretty much all of TomTom’s newer GPS Sports Watch line including the TomTom Runner and the TomTom Runner Cardio.

“This is the next step in a partnership with Nike that began in 2011 with the launch of the Nike+ Sportwatch, which was powered by TomTom,” said Corinne Vigreux, Managing Director and Founder, TomTom Consumer in a statement. “We’re excited to add an industry-leader like Nike+ to the list of platforms available to TomTom users.” read more

Do GPS Watches Help or Harm?


GPS Watches and fitness trackers tend to be lumped in the same category. Everyone does it; I’m even guilty of this, even though I am well aware that they’re not exactly the same thing. Regardless, these devices are becoming fairly common in the world of running, cycling and other fitness activities. And, as prices drop and proliferation increases, that leads to an interesting question: Are these devices actually helpful or harmful?

There have been loads of articles and studies published recently asking the exact same question and, surprisingly, most of them say pretty much the same thing: moderation. Tracking your stats and numbers can be a wonderful tool, but athletes sometimes can forget that these devices are designed to be tools and that they must be used properly. read more

Garmin Debuts Vívoactive GPS Watches


As part of their activewear fitness wearables section, Garmin introduced the new vívoactive GPS smartwatch at CES. This sleek, slightly girly device is designed with built-in activity tracking apps and the ability to customize with additional apps, watch faces, widgets and more via Connect IQ, Garmin’s first-ever open app market.

“Designed to be worn all day, vívoactive can be personalized in many ways—from interchangeable bands to watch faces, apps and widgets—making it versatile, stylish and functional for your life,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice-president of worldwide sales in a press release. read more

Smart Dog Collar Provides GPS, Training, More

dogs wuf

Update: WUF was Successfully funded, and can be preordered here for $149.

So, every once in a while I write about some new GPS tracker—usually for pets—that is on Kickstarter. Some of them make it, like Trakr, and some of them don’t. But for the most part, they are all pretty similar as  far as features go. In fact, I pass up a lot of Kickstarter trackers that don’t look like they’re going to make their goal, or that are not anything new or original. And I have to say, this kickstarter is definitely different. read more

Monitor Teen Driving with GPS


Everyone knows that teen drivers sometimes are not the safest, and no one can deny how nerve-wracking it can be handing your keys to a new driver and watching them drive off by themselves for the first time. So, Agilis Systems, LLC, a fleet management and asset tracking company, came up with a solution created specifically for consumers–the MOTOsafety Teen Driving Coach.

The MOTOsafety driving coach is actually two separate parts—a GPS device that hooks into your teen’s car and various notifications, alerts and daily driving reports sent directly to you to help monitor your child’s driving habits. The device can be plugged in or hardwired to the car and provides realtime tracking so parents always know if a child has arrived safely. Parents can set interactive map boundaries with alerts if they are crossed and track speeding and other bad driving habits. read more

Updated: Implantable GPS Chip for Pets

Logo with Company Name Slogan

Update: So, I looked into this a bit further and found that this is likely a fraudulent crowdfunding attempt and thankfully never got off the ground. Karen Zackton is actually Karen Hanover, and was convicted of fraud and detained for an unrelated incident. She has stepped down as CEO of EscapeAlert and has insisted that the project was legitimate and simply ‘delayed.’ Regardless, the site has gone black and there hasn’t been any new news on it. 

Two of the most common uses of GPS tracking are to keep track of loved ones and to help find lost pets. But GPS pet collars are clunky, expensive and easily lost. Now, a company called Escape Alert is prepping to launch a Kickstarter next week to change that. Through crowdfunding, Escape Alert wants to create an implantable GPS chip to track your furry loved one wherever they may roam. read more

Lobby to Make Covert GPS Tracking Illegal

GPS trackers, like this magnetic one available on Amazon, can be purchased and used legally by private citizens.

Several different states have introduced bills to try and make covert GPS tracking by civilians illegal. Bills have been announced in New Jersey and two different counties in New York following the recent political uproar over political candidates tracking each other via hidden GPS devices.  While police officers have to go through a legal minefield of regulations and court contradictions to get GPS tracking on a suspect, private citizens have far fewer restrictions.   read more

New GPS Tracker Designed Specifically for Cats


There are dozens of trackers designed for dogs and kids and everything in between, but many of them are too large to comfortably fit a cat. Multi-purpose trackers are often marketed to dog owners, but as any cat lover will tell you, our feline furry friends travel quite a bit differently than their canine cousins and heavy rectangular trackers simply won’t work for fussy kitties.

Introducing Pawtrack, a GPS collar designed specifically for cats. The tracker is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter with a little over two weeks left, more than half of the goal pledged and an expected launch date this November.

read more