Sunday, March 18, 2012

Do You Need a GPS Watch?


GPS watches have been around for quite a while, but with the recent explosion of smartwatches, they have become more and more prevalent. It seems like you can’t turn around without seeing someone jogging along, staring down at their wrist, or hearing about the latest and greatest running watch that you simply must have to measure everything under the sun. There’s almost a pressure to track yourself when you jog. But, do you really need a GPS watch?

The short, easy answer is no. You don’t really need a GPS watch to run or do any sport. The long answer is that it really depends on what you’re doing and what your reasons for that activity are. Depending on your motivation, a GPS sport watch can actually be invaluable. If you are deciding if you need a GPS watch, then there are a couple things you should consider. read more

Garmin’s New Fenix 5 Series Features 3 Different Sizes


The annual Consumer Electronics show is this week and Garmin has announced a slew of new releases which we’ll talk about in the coming days. Without a doubt, the one that has caught the most attention is the new fēnix 5 series which was announced earlier this week. A popular brand in Garmin’s fitness wearables line, the new fēnix 5 is making a splash as the first time Garmin has released the same watch in multiple sizes. The series includes the fēnix 5, fēnix 5S, and fēnix 5X, all of which should be available in the next few months.

From what it looks like, the fēnix 5 and fēnix 5S are essentially the same, with only a few millimeters difference in watch face size. The fēnix 5X is a little bigger than the fēnix 5 and comes with a handful of additional features (and a slightly bigger price tag). However, we’ll take a look at what all of the fēnix watches have in common first.

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Garmin Announces vivofit jr. for Kids

vivofit jr, Broken Red, UNITED STATES

The sport and fitness tracker is expanding at a rapid rate, and with automotive GPS starting to taper in recent years, it’s no surprise. However, most trackers are basically more of the same—designed for adults who are looking to either track their fitness, or simply get reminders to stay active. But, Garmin announced recently that it has released its first fitness tracker for kids: the vivofir jr.

This device is designed completely with children in mind from the waterproofing to the bright fun bands suitable for any child. The stretchy band comes in a variety of colors including black, broken lava, digi camo, purple strike, and a flower pattern. The tracker is designed for children ages four to eight, and there are two sizes of bands to fit every kid.  read more