Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sci-Fi Meets Reality with New HUD Display

HUD Augmented Reality Driving

While we may not yet have flying cars, technology keeps getting us closer and closer to the world we see in sci-fi movies and films. I am pleased to say that augmented reality displays for navigation are finally here, and may be installed in vehicles within the next few years.

Yesterday, Continental announced a new Head-up Display (or HUD) that will project navigation and other information right in the driver’s line of sight. This Augmented Reality HUD (AR-HUD) looks very futuristic, projecting directions and warnings so they appear to be part of the road ahead, allowing drivers to keep their eyes where they should be–on the road and traffic. read more

TomTom GO 500 Review

TomTom GO Amazon

Hands on with the TomTom GO 500

The TomTom GO 500 is the top of the line in the most recent editions of the GO Series, launched in January 2014 (Not to be confused with the older, clunky GO 500 model released in March 2005). The new GO 500 is 5 inches and features lifetime map updates and lifetime access to TomTom Traffic (formerly HD Traffic) services which include Jam Ahead warning, Road Work detection, Road Closing Detection and traffic cam warnings. The GO 500 comes with a windshield mount and is preloaded with US maps. It features voice command and a friendly touchscreen interface. We’ll get into the details of all of that shortly. First, let’s look at…

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GPS Windshield Mounts Illegal in over Half the U.S.


We have posted articles about this before, but with the height of vacation season upon us, I thought it might be a good time to go over where you can place GPS mounts without getting a ticket. Each state in the U.S. has different laws about where you can (or can’t) mount an external automotive GPS device in your car, and if you get pulled over in a state with a different law, ignorance isn’t going to get you out of a hefty ticket! As a general rule, you can mount the device on your dashboard and have no issues–but if you intend to use a windshield mount, be sure to check this list before you take off.  The logic is that these devices obstruct the driver’s clear view of the road and are dangerous.

Currently, windshield mounts are illegal in more than half of the US–no matter where you mount it on your windshield, you can get a ticket passing through these states. Additionally, many of these states have laws about screens being operational in the car where the driver can see them. Windshield mounts in the following states should be avoided: read more

Top Ten Bestselling Vehicle GPS Devices on Amazon

Garmin nüvi Essential Series 2013

When we set out to do a top ten from Amazon, we were surprised to find that Garmin Nüvi had pretty well taken over the market. Out of the top 20 bestselling GPS on Amazon, only 5 of them were not Garmin devices (four TomTom and one Magellan). And out of the 15 Garmin devices, only one of them was not from the Nüvi line (Garmin Dezl 760LMT, ranked 16).

The Nüvi line is very popular and we have written several articles dissecting the Nüvi line and comparing them in a chart for your convenience. The Nüvi line all have voice guided navigation, lane assist, turn-by-turn instructions and a bright, friendly screen. All devices with LM after the model number come with free lifetime maps. When purchased on Amazon, many of these units also include a mount for your windshield or dashboard. read more

TomTom GO 500 Introduced

TomTomGO 500

The TomTom Go series is sharp and has plenty of features.

In a bid to ramp up the competition with Garmin, TomTom has released the TomTom GO 500, the newest in the popular GO series, which features both lifetime map updates and lifetime traffic updates. The TomTom GO is the only navigation device that allows you to start navigating with two taps, and is also optimized for voice navigation, allowing you set your destination hands-free. The device also features a 3D interactive map with a touchscreen interface that looks a lot like a smartphone, alternative route planning to help you avoid traffic and allows users to change their route easily, and warns of traffic jams ahead of time. read more

Vechicle Regulations for GPS in the Works


Navigating with a GPS during trips instead of an atlas has become more and more popular–but is it a risk for already-distracted drivers? As technology becomes more common, more and more people are concerned about distracted drivers becoming a danger to those around them. Phones are the usual culprit for such worries, but now the Department of Transportation has begun to point to GPS devices as well. read more

Garmin zumo 590LM motorcycle model announced

Garmin zumo 590LMGarmin has announced the zumo 590LM, a new top-of-the-line motorcycle navigator that seems destined to supplant the 665LM. read more

Garmin Dash Cam 20 review

Garmin Dash Cam 20

The Garmin Dash Cam 20 is a compact windshield driving recorder, the company’s first in the US market.  I’ve been testing it for the past week, and have a full review for you.  read more

Erasing the trip log on 2014 nuvi Essential series

Garmin nuvi trip log

Garmin nuvi trip log (the thin blue line shows where you’ve been)

Garmin has certainly upset their customers before, but few things have raised the ire of folks as much as the inability to clear the trip log on the 2012 and 2013 nuvi Essential series (including the popular 50LM model). The trip log is that thin blue line you see above, showing where you’ve recently traveled. read more

TomTom rolls out 7″ Android tablet for fleets

TomTom Bridge Android tablet for fleetsTomTom has announced the Bridge, a 7″ ruggedized Android device for fleet managers. The tablet-like device will include an NFC chip, 5MP camera, Bluetooth, WiF, a 3G modem, rear camera compatibility, and a replaceable battery. read more