Sunday, March 18, 2012

Converting Google Maps searches to GPS waypoints in Internet Explorer

Yesterday I posted about how to convert Google Maps search results to GPS waypoints. I said then that "I couldn’t get it working in IE." The author sent me a note on how to do it, and this is such a cool tool that I decided to put it in a new post. Just right-click on the GMapToGPX button on his site and select "Add to Favorites." Then do your search at and then click your GMapToGPX favorite.  The rest of the instructions should work fine.

UPDATE from Josh:

I’ve updated the bookmarklet code to handle searches on, too. I haven’t tested it in IE, but I know it works in Firefox. You shouldn’t need to do anything to get the new code; it should automatically use the latest version. I had to clear my browser cache to get the new version, though, so if you still can’t get a GPX file for search results, try that.

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