Sunday, March 18, 2012

Free nautical charts

NOAA has a site where you can download free nautical charts for the entire U.S. The charts are in BSB/KAP format, and can be used in OziExplorer. I found this via a post on the OziExplorer message  forum.

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  1. Cahyadi W says:
  2. Is there a Garmin Plotter GPS that can take uploads of custom Oziexplorer maps?

  3. No, you would have to do that on a laptop, a PDA or perhaps a Windows CE GPS device that you’ve hacked. I’m not certain, but you can probably do this with a Mio. You would have to use OziCE.

  4. Jenia Simpson says:

    There are some other free charts outside of the US at:

    These will not work with OziExp, but you can view them with the free Navpak demo.

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