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GPS Comparison Tools

Here are several GPS comparison tools, allowing you to pick specific GPS receivers for a head-to-head comparison:





Additionally, at the beginning of each of my GPS reviews, I try to compare it to the units above and below it in the same product line.

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  1. harry "Mick" mathewson says:

    Is there any head to head review of the magellan explorist 600 to the garman gps map 60csx?Thanks,Mick

  2. Hi Mick,
    Not that I know of. I apologize for not having an eXplorist 600 review posted yet. I will say that I think you would be very happy with the 60CSx. You might want to ask about comparing the two here:

  3. I was hoping someone could give me advice on which GPS to buy- I’m moving to Brazil, probably Goiania, and I want to get the one with the most information for that area. (or are they all the same in that aspect?)

    • Dave Whitaker says:

      Hi Portia, I have lived in Goiania for the last three years and am presently visiting UK I have been looking at Satnav’s to take home with me, did you ever source one for use in Goiania that you could recommend.

      Dave W

  4. Portia,
    The primary concern here is going to be what maps it has. Check out Garmin’s City Navigator Brazil at
    In the upper right corner of the web page is a Map Viewer link. You can view the area you are interested in to see what level of detail is available. What surprises me is the limited number of units they say the maps are compatible with, and that no nuvis are listed. I’d give Garmin support a call and verify that before deciding on a unit.

  5. Any thoughts on PocketFinder? I’m getting two of these for my dogs, just in case. I saw that it won an award in PC Magazine. I like that it’s super small (not too heavy for the dogs’ collars), and that the charge lasts for 7 days. And the interface is pretty cool.

  6. I received a TOMTOM 720 Go for Christmas 1.5 years ago. It stopped holding a charge so I called Tomtom to ask them to fix the issue. The customer svcs rep said they do not fix issues out of warranty. The supervisor said they do not fix issues outside of warranty. I stated the issue is a manufacturer issue, a defective battery and should be replaced.

    I did everything right with the battery. I never left the unit plugged in over night. I never left it in the car to be affected by the weather. I let the battery run all the way down when I first received it.

    Still they do not fix issues out of warranty. For $600 I would expect better customer service. They did offer to enroll me in their customer loyalty program and thus provide me with $100 off my next purchase. This customer’s loyalty costs exactly $600.

    My co-workers husband had the same issue. The battery life is apparently something that should be looked into and my impression is that they know the batteries are an issue but aren’t allowed or refuse to address the issue.

    Unless someone knows how to get and replace the battery in one of these do not purchase a Tomtom. I have gone to a couple of places and they have all told me replacing the battery is impossible, I would have to purchase another unit. I wish I would have known about this non-replaceable battery issue before asking for one as a gift. I would never have had my father purchased their product and never will again.

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