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Garmin nuvi 200 review


UPDATE: This model has been discontinued. For current recommendations, please refer to our auto GPS buyers guide.

The Garmin nuvi 200 is Garmin’s entry level device in their incredibly popular nuvi series of GPS navigators. The slim nuvi 200 has preloaded maps of the 48 contiguous United States, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. It sports a 3.5 inch touch-screen display and, as with other nuvis, the 200 series includes voice-prompted directions, picture viewer, calculator, currency converter, unit converter and world clock. The Garmin Lock security feature is provided as well.

: A new model, the nuvi 205, offers these features and more, and has occasionally been selling for a little less than the nuvi 200.

Stepping up to the nuvi 250 adds Alaska and Canada to the map set, while the nuvi 260 adds one more feature — the ability to call out upcoming street names. This is also known as text-to-speech, giving you “turn left on Highway One in 500 feet” rather than “turn left in 500 feet.”

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The nuvi 270 has maps of more than 30 European countries, in addition to the North American maps.  Meanwhile, the Garmin nuvi 200W has the exact same feature set as the nuvi 200, albeit with a wider 4.3″ screen.

A newer model, the nuvi 205, adds text-to-speech and a range of new features to the nuvi 200.

To compare other nuvi models, check out our Garmin nuvi comparison chart.

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I’ll be posting more hands on reviews as they appear, but in the meantime, here are some…

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  1. A.B. Clay says:

    I was given a Garmin nuvi 200 by my son. It only has the vehicle charging cable with it. Is another cable required to download map updates? How can I get map updates?

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