Sunday, March 18, 2012

Garmin nuvi 200

Garmin_logo_pms_rgb_3UPDATE: Read our Garmin nuvi 200 review

DigiTimes is reporting that Garmin will unveil the nuvi 200 at CeBit, replacing the StreetPilot c-series:

"Garmin is expected to unveil its new nuvi 200 PND, the company’s first PND reportedly to be built with GPS chips from Taiwan-based MediTek, at the show, the sources indicated. The nuvi 200, which will target the entry-level segment, will gradually replace the company’s C-series PNDs, the sources said.

However, the sources quoted a report released recently by US-based securities house Jefferries & Company as saying that Garmin’s new entry-level PNDs may continue to use Texas Instruments’ Navigo-series chips, or the same chips Garmin used for its StreetPilot C 300 lineup."

For now, it’s anyone’s guess about the nuvi 200’s other features. Perhaps we’ll see a a stripped down nuvi 350, sans MP3 player, the ability to speak street names, and without an option to upgrade to live traffic. I expect that the nuvi 200 will be a European product, and that a nuvi 250 will rear its head in the U.S.

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