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Garmin nuvi 370 review


UPDATE: Though still available and supported, Garmin has discontinued the nuvi 370. For newer models, check out my Garmin nuvi comparison chart.

UPDATE 2: The latest trans-Atlantic navigators to be introduced are the Garmin nuvi 2475LT and nuvi 2370LT.

The Garmin nuvi 370, with pre-loaded maps of both North America and Europe, is an excellent choice for international travelers. It sports a 3.5″ touch screen, MP3 player, integrated traffic receiver, speaks street names and has Bluetooth for hands-free cell phone use. That’s in addition to standard nuvi features like a currency and measurement converter, world clock and digital photo organizer. Add-on options include language translators and travel guides.

Garmin offers two other nuvis with maps of Europe and North America — one step below the 370, the nuvi 270 doesn’t speak street names and leaves off the MP3 player, Bluetooth, and the traffic receiver. Going the other direction, the nuvi 670 adds a 4.3″ wide-screen and FM transmitter to the 370’s feature set. The latest, the nuvi 770, adds even more features.

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If these combinations of features don’t meet your needs, you can always get a different nuvi and buy European maps for it, though that might be more expensive than buying one of the nuvi x70 models.

Garmin nuvi 370 European map coverage



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