Sunday, March 18, 2012

Finding your elevation on a nuvi

Ever been crossing a mountain pass when you wondered just how high you were? This review of the Garmin nuvi 650 reminded me that it’s not the most intuitive thing to find on a nuvi.


But all you have to do is tap the satellite indicator in the upper
left hand corner of the main menu, as shown above. Your elevation is
shown near the top center of the screen (see below). Clearly, I wasn’t
driving over a mountain pass when I grabbed this screen shot!


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  1. What other Nuvi’s have the altitude feature? Thanks

  2. Steve,
    I believe they all do. A Google search showed me they fixed the elevation units on a 300 series update. Mine is a 660 and it works on it.

  3. I want a GPS that allows input for RV size, and therefore routing that observes those parameters. I also was an elevation readout. Is there a GPS which has those features?

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