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Details on the Magellan Triton series


UPDATE: Read my Magellan Triton 1500 review.

As promised, here is more information on the forthcoming Magellan Triton handheld GPS series that I posted about earlier today. I just got off the phone with a Magellan rep and was able to ask some key questions; here’s what I found out…

The touch screen on the 1500 and 2000 will have a lockout — a hold button under a flap — to prevent accidental use of the interface. The touch screen interface is designed to be primarily used by your finger, though a stylus (and five spares) are included for detailed work like selecting a specific go-to point on the map.

I confirmed that the unit can display raster imagery, so users will be able to load 1:24,000 scale National Geographic TOPO! maps (and Weekend Explorer 3D), which are compatible with all Triton units except the Triton 200. Third-party map developers can partner with Magellan to create additional maps for the unit, so there is little standing in the way of us seeing aerial photos for the units at some point in the future.

The VantagePoint software, used to transfer maps and data to and from Triton units, will
be compatible with existing Magellan eXplorist units and future auto
units. I don’t believe you will be able to transfer raster imagery like National Geographic TOPO! to an eXplorist though!

Geocoded photos can be added to waypoints.  The unit’s battery life is being conservatively estimated at 10 hours of intense use. This number may change as Magellan conducts further tests.

I had to ask about support, because Magellan has a weak reputation in that arena. The answer I got was that they paid a lot of attention to this issue in designing the series. It’s all built on one platform (as opposed to the eXplorist series) which they say should make it easier for the company to support and provide future upgrades.

Magellan Triton features on the different models break down as follows (links go to PDFs):


  • Magellan Triton 200 – 2.2" QVGA color screen, built-in base maps, SiRFstar III chipset, waterproof to IPX-7 design. $129 retail.
  • Magellan Triton 300 – All the above features, plus it adds the ability to upload maps using the included VantagePoint software onto 10 MB of internal memory. $149 retail.
  • Magellan Triton 400 – Adds an SD card slot for uploading maps and geocaching data. $199 retail.
  • Magellan Triton 500 – All the features of the Triton 400, plus an electronic tri-axial compass and altimeter. $249 retail.
  • Magellan Triton 1500 – This is one of two Tritons that have a touch-screen, which at 2.7" makes the unit a little larger than the lower level models. It includes an SD card slot, LED flashlight, and a speaker and microphone. $399 retail.
  • Magellan Triton 2000 – All the features of the Triton 1500 plus a 2MP camera, electronic tri-axial compass and altimeter. $499 retail.

All Triton models are expected to ship to U.S. retailers in September and Europe in October. Available accessories include cases, bike mounts and vehicle mounts.

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  1. Jen Wardwell says:

    I just ordered the Triton 1500 today. That one particular model is now in-stock in just a couple of stores it appears. I will let you know if/when I get it later this week hopefully since I got overnight shipping, and how I like it. 🙂

  2. Thanks Jen. I ordered too after seeing your post on Groundspeak. I’m wanting to get one in hand before I sound the alarm that they are available. Please keep me posted on your experience.

  3. Rich
    Thanks. I figured they all did it but I just wanted to be sure, as that was the thing that seemed to interest him the most. Why I don’t know, but ….

  4. I am interested in buying a Triton 200. Anyone have any idea if Magellan is going to start shipping them before Christmas ? Every place I have tried has given me the same story.

  5. Jack,
    There are reports that the 1500 and 300 models are out, but that’s all I’ve heard of. I’ve ordered a 1500 and expect it to arrive today or tomorrow. and have the 1500. Sportsman’s Warehouse (brick & mortar) apparently have the 300.

  6. Jen Wardwell says:

    I got my Magellan Triton 1500 in the mail yesterday. The box was missing the USB data cable and the CD’s. NewEgg refused to take it back at first saying that they did not show a picture of the cable on their site so they were not obligated to give me one. So I will be ending a very long good relationship with them and never order from them again. I am sending it back and they are charging me a $50 restocking fee plus I have to pay return shipping. I called Magellan and their customer support was horrible. I got a different answer from every single person. But it all came down to the fact that they don’t even have the cables! And they don’t know when they will get them! So I will no longer be a customer of Magellan either. I posted a very long description of my adventures with them today here:
    So this afternoon I was feeling quite glum because I have a hiking/geocaching trip planned this weekend. I called up Delorme customer support and told them what had happened to me. They felt so sorry for me and felt bad that I was going to not have a good GPS for the hiking trip, so they offered to give me FREE overnight shipping on a Delorme Earthmate PN-60 and get the product shipped and our the door today! So I will have it in my hand tomorrow to be able to take on my hiking trip. Hooray!

  7. Woohoo! Mine should arrive anytime. Ouch!

  8. Jen Wardwell says:

    Rich, did you order from NewEgg? I am anxious to see if yours is missing stuff too, because I have seen other people post that theirs was shipped without the data cable. That is pretty sketchy of Magellan to ship a product that doesn’t have everything if that is the case.

  9. Yes I did. And if UPS gets it right, it should be here in the next couple of hours. I’ll post here and on Groundspeak and let you know.

  10. Just got it. No cable. I think I’m going to see if I can load NG TOPO maps to the SD card for now.

  11. Can you tell me the weight of the Triton 500 with batteries? Thanks, Mickey

  12. Can you tell me the weight of the Triton 500 with batteries? Thanks, Mickey

  13. Mickey,
    I don’t know. I can tell you that the Triton 1500 is a little heavier than my Garmin 60CSx.

  14. Mark McDonald says:

    Swiftmaps got their Tritons last Friday and got an immediate call from Magellan asking for them back. Seems that they found for software issues/bugs. They PROMISED to deliver them within 2 weeks. I used to love Magellans but apparently customer service, website management, etc… is really poor.

  15. Yeah, from what I can tell, those issues are limited to the 1500s.

  16. Mark McDonald says:

    Actually they were the 2000’s

  17. Thanks for adding that. Haven’t heard of any problems with the 300s that are out there. I’m waiting for a replacement 1500 that I’m hoping will arrive Saturday or Monday.

  18. Clinton Johnson says:

    I have a Triton 1500 on the way from RadioShack. I sure hope everything is in the box and bug free? The RadioShack website doesn’t have it listed any more, nor does Newegg. Does it sound like there’s already been a recall on them? Or are the all sold out?

  19. Clinton,
    Sorry to say the early 1500s that went to Radio Rhack and NewEgg were missing cables, the latest firmware, etc. Maybe RS got a new order that was fixed. Magellan appears to be having folks return them to swap, at Maggie’s expense.

  20. I got my Triton 1500 today. It came from Radio Shack and I have to say I am extremely disappointed. No USB cable, No VantagePoint CD and No manual CD. The buttons don’t work half the time, you have to keep pressing and pressing, or move with the stylus and then the button will work. The OS I see is Windows CE 5.0 core. It is extremely limited on screens and features in the software. There is no screen to see how many satellites you have and what their signal is. You only have 5 little bars like a cell phone. The only screen you have to look at is the map screen, no compass screen, no virtual road screen, or other various screens like their other models. It’s easy for anyone to figure out how to use because there are no advanced features or much in the way of customizing what you want. This is basically a pocket PC with a GPS chip and Magellan software.
    The flashlight is nice and works. The body and style of the unit is very nice. That’s about all the good I can say.
    I had been looking forward to this GPS since this summer. I’m returning it tomorrow. Guess I’m back to the waiting game for something with a full color screen and raster image maps. If anyone knows of one, let me know!

  21. Clinton,
    You received one of the models with very early firmware. Mine had a later version, and had a satellite and compass screen. Magellan is having people return them. A call to their tech support may or may not result in you getting a pre-paid UPS return label. If you decide to go this route, please let me know if they come through for you.

  22. Rich,
    Thanks for the info. I’ll give them a call. Do you by chance have a screen shot of the compass and satellite screens? Are you planning on keeping yours? I’m having a hard time deciding on getting a new one once things are fixed. I had also just ordered the NG Maps for $100. I’d have to return that too if I don’t go with Megellan. I’m starting to lean more towards the Delorme Earthmate PN-60 like the other guy went with above, but the resolution and screen size isn’t as great.

  23. Unfortunately, there is no mechanism in the Tritons for capturing screen shots. And I did not take any photos before shipping mine back. Yes, I am planning to keep mine, assuming it lives up to expectations.
    The DeLorme PN-20 was a great start, but it’s very slow. I’m hoping the Tritons are better.

  24. Rich,
    I called Magellan tech support and it was a complete dead end. I would of had better luck talking to the wall. The guy I spoke with couldn’t understand a single clear, slow spoken word of English. I described clearly many times the contents that were missing from the box and asked what they were doing about it. His reply was always something completely different like “I understand you are looking for a bicycle mount?”
    I couldn’t believe it so I gave up.
    I’ll keep checking back to see what you think of your new one when you get it.
    Thanks for your help and information!

  25. Clinton,
    I’m sorry to hear that. I was hoping Magellan would be more responsive. Apparently it’s a hit or miss thing though. I’ve emailed and asked a contact at Magellan what folks should do about 1500s with missing cables, etc., but I’ve yet to hear back.

  26. Clinton, keep an eye on your hotmail account. Magellan says they will contact you.

  27. Ok, will do. Thanks again!

  28. I’m currently waiting for a Triton 2000 myself. I hope they get their act together soon, or this will be a huge blow to their sales. Since i’ve been so obsessed with these units since they were announced, I decided to start my own forum. if anyone is interested.

  29. Congrats on starting the forum. Good luck with it!

  30. Thank you. Just trying to give us obsessed folks an outlet! Thank you as well for al the great information!

  31. I have experienced the same lame service from Magellan. I have a Meridian Marine, a Meridian and a Explorist 500(the original). I love the operation of the 500, hate the toggle and the screen size and the topo 3D compared to the old map series. I am impressed with the advertised operation of the Triton series. I would order one in a second except for the problems I read about. I will be interested in the future happenings with your experiences. I am a geocacher and use GSAK to load all three Magellans, my Palm E2, C550 Streetpilot. I;m hoping the Triton will replace my 500′. My only other option is to switch to Garmin. I have too much invested in Magellan software and hope that isn’t necessary. Thanks for getting involved.

  32. Chris Mowers says:

    Any word on when the triton 400 will be available?

  33. Chris, I’ve heard nothing definite. Magellan told me they are wrapping up the last unit, the 2000, and shipping it soon. OTOH, I’ve heard that Costco now says they won’t have the 500 until January.

  34. I really like the look of the Triton 2000, and like the screen size and resolution, as well as being able to download from NG Topo.
    However, the camera, flash light, & mp3 player all sound like gimmicks… do they seriously add to the GPS?
    I am torn between this and the Earthmate PN-20… which while having a smaller screen, is reported slow, and apparently has an older chip, does have the ability to display sat and aerial photos.

  35. Mike Wilson says:

    Does anyone know if I can you the data cable for my Sport Trak with Triton 300? I have a USB cable converter that goes to the serial connector and use it to up and down load to my PC

  36. Mike, I’m expecting my Triton today and have an old cable. I don’t have a USB:serial adapter, but will see if they look the same.

  37. Bill,
    I agree the camera and MP3 player are gimmicky, but the flashlight is a nice safety extra if you’re ever caught out after dark unintentionally.

  38. Mike,
    I got my 1500 today. The cable connection is much smaller than the one for my old Meridean. I don’t know if the SporTrak used this smaller style or the larger Meridean style.

  39. If anyone is interested, a Magellan rep just sent me the latest user manual for the Triton 200-500. It’s on the main page of my site. Glad to hear some units are finally hitting the streets!

  40. I wonder why they chose the 1500 as the first model to be released. Or maybe they didn’t, and it just happened that way because of the unintended release of the “beta” units. I would have thought the 400 or 500 would be first. Rich, you have the new unit?? Any chance we’ll see some pictures, or a copy of the manual soon?

  41. Craig,
    I think you’re right. The 1500 was not supposed to be released. I believe the 300 was the first unit officially out.
    I have received my 1500 back (with cable) and will try to post the manual, some photos, etc. before I depart for the holidays next Monday.

  42. I’m sorry to sound like a broken record, but one of our members just posted the 1500 manual for us to drool over. look at the above posts for the url. Can’t wait to see the pictures!

  43. I recieved a 300 earlier this week, and after playing with it there are several issues that I have with it. There are two things that the unit lacks that are “deal breakers” for me: You cannot save a waypoint with the touch of one button, you have to go through a couple of menus to save. It also does not have any navigation info, like speed or dist to target, on the map screen. The buttons are difficult to press and in order to get Vantage Point, you have to download it from their site. When I tried to download it always freezes. After calling Magellan, they said that nothing is wrong with their site but I have tried several diffrent computers. When you load NG TOPO!, you can only zoom the GPS to 300ft; 200 & 100ft just have the base map. Also I would recomend getting a model with a SD card because 10MB does not allow you to download much at high detail from NG.

  44. Lance,
    Thanks for the comments. I haven’t had any problems downloading VP, but am having problems getting it to work in Vista.

  45. David from Swiftmaps was able to obtain a user guide for National Geographic maps and exporting them to the Triton. It’s a good read. Here’s a direct link:

  46. Robert Greene says:

    Tiger GPS shipped my Triton 2000 today (Jan 2). I’m a bit scared to be honest given all the “problems” in earlier units. I hope the Triton2K was worth the wait.

  47. Received my Triton 500 on friday 1/18/2008 and had high hopes for the device. I promptly open the box and registered my unit, and downloaded the VantagePoint software. The software installed on my PC but will not display anything in the right hand window. Tried to connect the 500 to the PC and the USB will not see it, and the connector on the 500 is a four pin screw on type. The supplied .INF files on the CD doesn’t have the Triton series drivers. Still I had hpoe, so I hand loaded three geocaches and went searching. As soon as I got outside the screen faded to black. I held my 60CS and the 500 side by side and I could read the 60CS but the 500 looked like it was turned off. I guess I’ll wait for the next local geocacher get together and use it as my white elephant give away.

  48. Chris Mowers says:

    I recently ordered a Triton 400 and it should arrive sometime next week. Is a usb cable included? I have read that some people have purchased triton and not recieved a usb cable, and I was just wondering if I am supposed to recieve one or if I should order one.

  49. Chris,
    Originally, they were not supposed to, but I think they are shipping with the cable. I suggest asking here…

  50. A dead thread from 2007..lets catch up 🙂
    Great name for a GPS ..Named after some guy who was lost on the Spice Islands in a fight with locals.
    They never even FOUND Magellan’s body .
    His crew , cargo and ship all returned without him .
    Similar to the Triton line of gps’s could say.
    You might leave home with Triton..but somewhere on the trip you’ll Tri_To_N find it dead.
    With any luck, while rebooting for the 43 rd time, and triton in hand,
    you may or may not make it back to home port.
    That would depend on the bread crumb bug (one of about 2000 bugs, if you buy the T2000)all tritons seem to have..leave to many crumbs and the crumbs stop dropping, without you ever knowing….
    You should know …Magellan could and will if you let it.. lead you to your death.
    Just in case you were thinking of counting on him to stay alive or something

    BTW , it’s stamped on the inside battery cover MADE IN CHINA ..
    20 bucks someone in the red chinese army is laughing with every sucker who is now 100km FROM the middle of nowhere and finds the “bread crumb” bug just as his Triton crashes and hell one imagines hell.

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