Sunday, March 18, 2012

More on the Garmin Colorado series


UPDATE: Read our Garmin Colorado 300 review, Garmin Colorado 400c review and Garmin Colorado 400t review.

It appears that the Garmin Colorado series is real, and that it may be capable of showing aerial photos (raster imagery), as shown in the image above. It’s high time Garmin took this step; after all, DeLorme, Magellan and even Bushnell have beat them to the punch with units that allow for the display of aerial photos and / or USGS topo maps. We forecast back in August that we would soon see a Garmin handheld with this capability. has let the cat out of the bag with a description and specs for the Garmin Colorado 400 BlueChart GPS, which I cut and pasted at the end of this post since I’m sure Garmin is going to ask them to take it down.

Note the wireless data transfer, already included in the upcoming Edge 605 and 705, and support for the display of detailed geocaching information. It looks like we can expect pre-loaded maps on these
devices, and the "rock n’ roller" input device is mentioned as well. I know some people think this thing is ugly, but I find the retro styling interesting. There is no mention of a touch screen in the specs.

And don’t think this is just going to be available as a marine unit. A report on says to expect at least three editions…Topo, Inland Lakes, and Coastal.

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