Sunday, March 18, 2012

Upgrade your maps within 30 days of buying a GPS

UPDATE: Garmin has updated their policy with their nuMaps guarantee, which gives users 60 90 days to register their device. Follow the link for more details.

It appears that TomTom and Garmin have both adopted a formal policy of allowing free map upgrades within 30 days of registering a unit. Wait 31 days and you no longer qualify. Hence, I am recommending that anyone purchasing an auto GPS register their device immediately to see if they qualify for a free upgrade.

Your device may have the latest maps, or it may have been sitting on
the shelf for sometime before it sold, during which a map update
was released. So do yourself a favor and register your unit right away.

Thanks Jay!

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  1. This link is the to the map updates page for Garmin.

  2. Garmin Owner says:

    Be careful when updating!

    If something happens to the connection when downloading, the GPS maps may NOT be updated BUT… Garmin’s support page (for registered users) may state that the Update is complete and you do NOT get the update AGAIN!

    You MUST CALL Garmin (Expect a LONG wait >20 MINUTES) to have them Reset the map update!!

    The cust. serv. reps are NOT that friendly!

    Maybe it’s time to consider a TOMTOM GPS!

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