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TomTom XXL 540TM

TomTom XXL 540TM

UPDATE: A newer model, the TomTom VIA 1535TM, updates the 540TM, adding Bluetooth and voice commands.

UPDATE 2: This model has been discontinued. For a list of current TomTom models and their features, please see our TomTom comparison chart.

The TomTom XXL 540TM marries a luxurious 5” screen with lifetime map updates and lifetime traffic.  It comes preloaded with maps of the US, Canada and Mexico, and 7 million points of interest.

The TomTom XXL 540TM includes Advanced Lane Guidance, which provides a visual representation of highway junctions, along with lane-specific directions. It also has IQ Routes, TomTom’s historical traffic speed data that can result in improved routing in areas prone to traffic problems.

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  • The XXL 540TM World Traveler Edition adds maps of Europe
  • Despite the higher product number, the XXL 550TM gives up quite a few options with its simplified interface, but still gives you lifetime maps and traffic in a 5″ package
  • The TomTom XXL 540M is identical to the XXL 540TM, except it leaves off the lifetime traffic
  • Meanwhile, you’ll give up both lifetime map updates and traffic with the TomTom XXL 540-S
  • Or keep the lifetime maps and traffic and give up a bit of screen size with the 4.3″ TomTom XL 340TM

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  • Check the current TomTom XXL 540TM price at Amazon
  • This is an older model no longer sold by many online merchants


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  1. Arty
    It only deletes all prior destinations in the “Last” destinations. If you save the destination under a new POI (“Arty’s POI” or favorites, I think you can delete them one at a time. I have had no trouble updating my XXL540TM since I got it in June 2010. The traffic feature has saved me many times and I always have it set to automatically reroute me. I also have changed the mis-pronunciation of street names as shown in some of the TT forums which are not TT sponsored. This is the last model where you can access those files.

    • CAPT ARTY says:

      Thank you for your interest and response. First the language or mis-pronunciation is no problem, I always know what the broad is saying.
      I will try what you suggested but now matter what I do I get crazy responses when I hook up to my computer. I’ll just live with it. Thanks again.

      • You might try uninstalling and reinstalling TomTom HOME.

      • CAPT ARTY says:

        When I went to trash the Tom Tom Software I discovered there was two applications. “Tom Tom Home”
        and “My Tom Tom SA”. Can’t figure out why there are two applications and that could be the problem. Anyway I trashed both applications and I am not sure what to download now. Any ideas? Thanks

        • CAPT ARTY says:

          I downloaded new software “Tom Tom Home” and did the update and it seems to have worked. I now have version 9.430 instead of 9.061. I noticed the new version is a bit different. Thanks again for responding.

  2. So I bought a TomTom XXL 540TM (lifetime traffic & maps) in March 2011 (for $121.04 on Amazon after all discounts, tax, and free shipping was applied). Wanted to give a report on how it has held up after 1 yrs. time. Unfortunately, just last week it fell off its dashboard holder (AGAIN!!!), hit my gear shifter, which created a diagonal crack across the screen, and now it doesn’t work. GRRRR! So obviously that is going to affect my overall rating of the product and I can only HOPE that this doesn’t become one of those “Murphy’s Law” issues where the thing breaks JUST AFTER the 1 yr. warranty expires. That would REALLY SUCK!! Overall, I would rate the product a 2.5 out of 5 and here is why:

    A) As mentioned, even after I secure the unit *very* tightly onto its dashboard suction, the thing will suddenly fall off and tumble to the floor while I’m driving. VERY annoying!

    B) The cradle piece that actually holds the unit to the suction is *very* stiff and the TomTom pops out of it *every* time I try to adjust the cradle while the TomTom is in it – regardless of how tight it is snapped into the holder (which the locking “snap” isn’t very tight to begin with). Sometimes this will cause the loss of suction, too, so when I’m driving and this happens I have to pull over and put everything back to together. VERY annoying!

    ( C) Although I’m not overly tech savvy, I’m not dumb either and I found the TomTom website to be *very* UNuser-friendly. All I would ever need to do is update the lifetime maps and even that is a huge hassle and my unit wouldn’t always recognize the website when plugged into my laptop. Takes at least 10-15 min to get this one task done! I’m just a basic user who didn’t need all of the “bells & whistles” that the unit may have but I did take the time to explore these features initially so I know they are there.

    D) The unit itself isn’t very “user-friendly” (in my opinion) when it comes to adjusting settings. Menu options just don’t have things in “logicial” places and I have to constantly hunt for certain things I want to adjust. GRRRRR!

    Anyone else have any of these issues? If I’m “S-O-L” through either TomTom or Amazon when I inquire about the warranty, I will purchase another GPS but DEFINITELY NOT ANY TOM TOMS!!!!! Granted, this is the first and only GPS product I have ever used but I can’t imagine the other products would be that much worse than this one! 🙂

    • Two more “issues” I just thought of after I posted above (think I should change my rating to a “2” instead of “2.5” )

      (D) I began noticing about my TT XXL 540TM within the past month (before it broke) was that the satellite signal would be lost and not retrieved often times for 1-2 minutes! Never happened while driving; only when I would power it on before starting a trip – or anything after it was powered off. *VERY* annoying if I’m running late and trying to get directions!

      (E) The product didn’t come with a manual or warranty information. It’s all on-line now so I have to print out the entire manual to get instructions to take with me (sign of the times I guess).

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