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Garmin GPSMAP 62, 62s, and 62st announced


UPDATE: Check out my hands on review of the Garmin GPSMAP 62s. I’ve also got pages posted for the GPSMAP 62 and GPSMAP 62st.

UPDATE: GPS City is showing an estimated stock date of July 23.

As expected, Garmin has announced a successor to their most popular handheld, the 60CSx. The new GPSMAP 62 series marries the best capabilities of the Garmin Oregon line with much of the functionality of the 60 series. The three models announced this morning include the:

  • Garmin GPSMAP 62 (Amazon) – base model; MSRP $349.99
  • Garmin GPSMAP 62s (Amazon) – adds a micro-SD card slot, tri-axial electronic compass, barometric altimeter and wireless data sharing; MSRP $449.99
  • Garmin GPSMAP 62st (Amazon) – adds preloaded 1:100K scale US topos or (1:50K scale Canadian topos for the Canadian version); MSRP $549.99

GPSMAP 62 back The 62 series will have the capability to load BirdsEye aerial imagery and Garmin custom maps, giving you the ability to add USGS topos, park PDF maps and more. They also come with full paperless geocaching capabilities.

None of this is a surprise, nor is the confirmation that it will have a quad-helix antenna. The biggest news in the press release is that it will utilize the same mounting systems found on the Colorado, Dakota and Oregon series (as seen at right).

The interface seems to be the same as the just released Garmin GPSMAP 78 series. For a sneak peek, check out my first looks post on the 78s. And be sure to hit the comments for a detailed discussion.

Availability is listed as Q3, but I’m betting they try to hit the market as early in the summer as possible. Here’s the full news release.

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  1. Amir Findling says:

    Hi Rich:
    Look at the first picture, the screen shot has on the top right corner the + and – squares you can see on the Oregon’s screen. On the bottom left corner, there is the back button of the Oregon/Dakota. Now perhaps moving the cursor with the rocker might give you the effect, but I’m not so sure it would even be practical as there are buttons for this function. Maybe the picture has been “photoshopped”?

    Also interesting the complete lack of mention of WAAS??????????

    • LMAO. I can at least confirm that the screen isn’t like that on the 78 series. Good catch! I was too busy trying to write this thing up to even notice.

  2. Richard Howard says:

    So, do you think the Oregon is still going to be the lead-dog in Garmin’s handheld line up, or will the 62/78 series re-take the throne? Smart idea to incorporate the same spine mounting system as Oregon and Colorado. I guess i will soon have my 3rd handheld Garmin (when this launches). Then, a new RAM mount cradle, invisishield, case, etc…… I cant seem to bear the thought of parting with my Oregon or 60csx. Will for sure find my way to local Publix without getting lost. Wife is rolling her eyes.

    • There’s going to be trade offs. Pluses for the 62 series include more rugged and a few more features, while the Oregon has higher resolution, larger screen and easier text entry. Folks with stubby fingers or with other aversions to touch screens will also gravitate to the 62 series. Guess I’ll have both too!

  3. Richard Howard says:

    These units sound pretty good to me. I dont care for the looks of the 78, but the 62 looks really nice. If they would have increased screen resolution, it would have been a homerun. I think many will be upset by this oversight. Maybe some technical/durability reason the screen was not upgraded. Wouldnt the screen from the Colorado have fit the bill here (non touchscreen, high res)? Anyway, thanks for your hard work. This is the sight i come to to keep up to date on all matters GPS. Thanks again

    • Thanks Rick! Screen brightness should have made my pros and cons list. The problem with high-resolution screens is that the more pixels, the harder it is for them to reflect light and let it pass through, so they appear less bright. I think Garmin left the resolution alone as a response to the folks who have complained about poor visibility on the hi-res models. I posted a more detailed discussion here…

      • Thanks for the additional updates on the 62s.

        I poked around Garmin’s site and was able to compare the Oregon 450 and the 62s ( and they both show as having transflective color TFT screens (touchscreen for the 450). Obviously the 450 is bigger and has 240 x 400 pixels vs 160 x 240 pixels on the 62s.

        Didn’t the 450 clear up some of the sunlight visibility issues mentioned by folks in your referenced visibility article above? If so, the main diff (aside from physical size & pixel resolution) at least as screens go would be the touch vs non-touch for these two models right?

        Thanks again for these great updates.

        • You’re welcome!

          The 450 is better than previous touchscreen models, but I think the 78 is still superior in a wider range of conditions, at least in terms of visibility and brightness. Until new technology comes along, TFT screens with a higher pixel density will still be at a disadavnatge in terms of brightness.

  4. I wish they had kept the same mounting system as the 60Cx, but given that they’re transitioning everything over to a common system, I can’t blame them. I also notice no mention of an external antenna port – don’t use it that often, but it would be nice to have. Besides that, looks really good. Q3 starts on July 1st, so hopefully it will be available not too long after that.

    • It looks to me like there is a flap on the back, above where the mount or carabiner connects. It appears big enough for a mini-USB connection and an external antenna port.

      • The Garmin pages for the 62 models list antennas as one of the accessories, so it apparently has an external antenna connector, same standard MCX connector as the original 60Cx series models. Cool.

        I was surprised to read that the 62 won’t take external microSD cards, but given the 1.7 GB of onboard memory, that’s not going to be a dealbreaker for most people. I would probably lean towards the 62S for the external memory cards, but that’s only because I’d like the option to swap in different custom mapsets in the field. If Garmin increased the size of acceptable custom maps, or gave you the option to turn on/off custom map files as desired, I’d be happy to save an extra $100 with the 62.

  5. Firstlen says:

    I was wondering if the SD card HW/SW will support SDHC cards?

  6. Amazon now has all three models available for pre-order, at full list:

    Garmin GPSMAP 62 series

    No indication there as to the release date.

  7. Thanks Leszek. The link you sent didn’t work, hence my edit.

  8. This unit is going to be a good one! Quad Helix, WAAS, Oregon style mounting bracket, and sleek design. Checked the availability of the unit and it should be in around July. Aside from Amazon, Garmin’s own Chicago store is preselling them also.

  9. i hope there wont be a problem with the “high sensitive” reciever and the antenna.

    For the MTK Chip a Helix wasnt a good choice

  10. Richard Howard says:

    Interesting to me that the new model 62 (9.2 oz with batts) is nearly 2 oz. heavier than old model 60csx (7.5 oz with batts). No big deal to me, just a significant increase in weight when your only dealing with a few ounces to begin with. Hopefully translates to great perfomance and durability!

    • I think the mount attachment may be part of this. While not a completely fair comparison, my 60CSx battery cover weighs 0.6 oz., while my Oregon 400t cover weighs 1.2 oz.

  11. Richard Howard says:

    Maybe i missed it, but is the 78 in your possession yours, or a loaner from Garmin? Wondering if you will be able to put some birdseye on it. I am starting to be really impressed with the birdseye on my Oregon. Curious how it will look on the 78/62. Should be interesting. Thanks

    • Rick,

      Its a loaner. I probably won’t try testing BirdsEye on it, but am testing some Garmin custom maps and will try to add aerials that way. Its going to be a complex enough review as it is, and I’d like to get it wrapped within a few weeks.

  12. Dave Tobiasz says:

    Will the 62s have the same great accuracy as the 60csx or will it have the same problems of the Oregon 450 — not being able to record accurately distance, speed, etc on the trip computer screen when travelling less the 3mph?

    • Does the Oregon have this problem with the newest firmware releases? I just did a quick, um, slow, test of the 60CSx, 78s and Oregon 400t, and saw little difference.

      • Dave Tobiasz says:


        I took both the 60csx and the Oregon 450 on a short hike in NE Ohio. Both units are set up the same way. The results are as follows.

        60CSX Oregon 450
        trip odometer 5.34 3.70
        moving time 2:25 2:14
        stopped time 24:25 35:23
        Moving ave 2.2 1.7
        Overall speed 1.9 1.3
        Elevation gain the same

        The Oregon 450 has a problem when walking under 3mph. At or over 3mph the unit works fine. Unfortunately, when you are backpacking, you seldom going 3mph unless you are tumbling down the side of a mountain.

        • Dave,

          I’ll try to grab the same data at the end of my next hike with the 78s. Unfortunately, due to my wife’s first week back at work coming up, and not having day care options in place yet, that may be a week away. Or it could be a REALLY slow hike. 😉

          FWIW, on my first big hill climb with the 78s, it suffered from elevation gain numbers that were way off, a problem I think they recently solved on the Oregon line.

          • Here’s the results of a family outing on a greenway today:

            60CSx 78s
            trip odometer 2.13 1.90
            moving time 57.07 59.59
            stopped time 42.50 40.06
            Moving ave 2.2 1.9
            Overall speed 1.3 1.1

            Looks a little closer.

          • Dave Tobiasz says:


            Your numbers don’t look bad except for the odometer. That is greater then 10%, that is a lot! If you extend that out to 10 miles, the 78 would read around 8 and change??

  13. I *was* stoked for this release – till I saw that the 62 doesn’t have expansion capability because it has no micro sd card slot. WHAT?! The price point is insane for missing that fundamental feature of a mapping GPSr. So then, to get the extra memory card capability, I’ve got to step up into the 62s model which is currently priced what, $±50 bucks more than the upcoming DeLorme PN-60? Why would I buy the Garmin when I can get everything and more in the DeLorme?! None of this makes any sense to me. It’s like I’m caught in a weird dream with everything coming in and out of focus!! And, to top it all off, my GPS external power plug car adapter for my 60cx doesn’t look like it has any home on the 62. Bummer. Oh well. I’ll give it some time and re-evaluate when you publish the hands on review. Maybe my rubber arm will twist and I will stay with Garmin after all.

    • Amir Findling says:

      I agree with you that the lack of uSD slot on the bare naked 62 is a show stopper for me too. I was also considering the DeLorme PN-60 but I hate the smaller screen, and in addition the fees for the Spot thing will make it quite expensive. What broke the camel’s back was the mapping. I never liked DeLorme’s topos but also Garmin has now extensive mapping products (free and commercial) for many locations and I just don’t see DeLorme catching up. I am considering getting a 60s.

    • The 62 series will get power through the mini-USB connection, so all you’ll need is a USB-cigarette lighter adapter. These are really cheap, $2 or less if you look around (e.g., The 62 comes with 1.7 GB of memory, and you can fit a lot of maps in that space. And as Rich points out, the Garmin map ecosystem is much richer than that for the deLorme. Factor in the larger screen and longer battery life, and I’d have a tough time picking the deLorme PN-60 over the Garmin 62 or 78 series. I’d take it over the Oregon models, though – hate the touch screen.

  14. I don’t think we know yet what sort of discount will be offered on the 62s vs the PN-60. Or which will be discounted more quickly. In the end, the price you pay is what matters, not the MSRP.

  15. The biggest draw back for me with DeLorme is the second-class citizenship they give to Mac OS X, especially regarding their topo software that you need to run. It had me looking Lowrance for quite awhile, but then quickly back to Garmin and now back to DeLorme. I don’t own a Windows box, haven’t since 1999 and can’t see myself getting one just to run a GPS, not crazy about Parallels either. So . . . I’m not sure. The screenshots on that PN-60 look phenomenal, much better than even the new Garmins (IMO). Can’t wait for July! We shall see the new bells and whistles of both units.

    • Moe jiller says:

      geojibby – ref your comment on 6/6/10 about GPS support in Mac OS X. new-be here and was wandering it the Mac issue is Safari related or the 3rd party venders support of Mac OS. I too and Mac based and trying to find GPS devices to support the Aperture 3 GEO Track feature- with a Nikon D700 camera body.
      Also – is there a better forum for my Mac / Geotag questions? I did not intend to Hijack this 62 discussion

  16. Brian O'Connell says:

    Does that picture of the 62st imply that it also features a touch screen? Or would those onscreen buttons be accessed using the hardware In Out and Quit buttons?
    If one adds their own topo maps to the 62s, would that make it equivalent to the 62st? Or is there some other added functionality in the t model?

    • No, Garmin messed up and used a photoshopped Oregon image for the screen. Those on screen buttons don’t exist. The 62st might get you more on board memory, but that would probably be the only difference. I haven’t verified that though.

  17. Any idea why REI does not have the 62 series on their web site? I called their order line and they said that it can’t be ordered until sometime in July, even though they have a SKU number. The 78 series showed up on their web site right after Garmin announcement, could back order it before they were available.

  18. Rich

    Saw the ad for this one while watching my Flyers lose the Cup to the Blackhawks. Looks interesting. I sent Garmin a question on their site to inquire if it does Geocaching as nothing is mentioned on the product site.

  19. Yeah, I’m hoping to get one to review. Early reviews have been pretty positive, although it is coming out with Android 1.6.

    • Got my reply from Garmin Support re: the Garminfone and Geocaching:

      Yes, you could use the Garminfone for Geocaching. The Garminfone accepts coordinates like the nuvi automotive devices. However, these devices are not considered Geocaching- friendly like the devices you mentioned, the Oregon 450 and GPSMAP 60CSx.

  20. I go thru Garmin 62s and found bike cadence/speed sensor as well HRM under 62s & 62st series. Does it mean 62s & 62st support HRM & Cadence/speed functionality??

    • Looks like it. They show them as accessories.

      • So does it support pairing with these accessories? Anybody try it out as I decide to buy EDGE705 for cycling purpose. If 62s support, then I rather to choose 62s as I’m very satisfied with 60CSx.

        • As a mountain biker that uses GPS for navigation, I hated the Edge units. They may be okay for city nav, but not backcountry.

          From the 62 series manual:

          Using Optional Fitness
          NOTE: The fitness option is available
          only with the GPSMAP 62s and
          GPSMAP 62st.
          Before you can use the fitness
          accessory with your device, you must
          install the accessory according to the
          instructions that are included with the
          You can use optional fitness accessories
          including a heart rate monitor or a
          cadence sensor with your device.
          These accessories use ANT+™ wireless
          technology to send data to the device.
          1. Bring the device within range (3 m)
          of the ANT+ accessory.
          2. From the main menu, select Setup
          > Fitness.
          3. Select an option:
          Select Heart Rate Monitor >
          Select Bike Cadence Sensor
          > On.
          You can view heart rate and cadence
          data by customizing your data fields

          • Thanks… I’m going for 62s, hopefully it will be available as soon as possible ^_^
            I still can’t find any info from Garmin but you have all the answer for my doubt 😀

          • Just receive Garmin 62s today from fast delivery of UPS (US to Malaysia).
            Nice gadget indeed but already encounter some problem:
            1) Pairing of HRM is success but not Cadence/Speed sensor. Have no idea…
            2) Each time connect to computer, GPS in storage mode. Once disconnect (software safely remove USB), the GPS will totally power off. Still prefer 60CSx feature.
            3) Profile setting will lost for observation #2 above.

            Wondering Garmin will fix the problem/issue as stated above???

  21. ar_kayaker says:

    They advertise the 62 as “rugged” and I’m wondering how much they have improved it over the 60 series.

    I had to modify the battery cover on the first time I dropped my 60Cx because the plastic tab was flimsy and cracked off, the labels on the buttons wore off pretty quickly and were all white within the first couple of years and the rubber on the antenna had deteriorated and has cracks so that the unit wouldn’t be waterproof anymore even without the battery cover issue.

    I like the idea of having paperless geocaching ability since it means I can leave my laptop at home and if they’ve fixed the durability issues from the 60 I may have to upgrade at last.

  22. Don Baker says:

    I just purchased my first GPS (GPSmap 62st) and am pretty disappointed with the accuracy. Although it shows 8-12 satellite connections, it never shows the accuracy below 29′. Most of the time it’s listed in the 35-39′ range going to over 90′ quite often. I just finished setting up two posts in my yard to act as waypoints, separated by about 153′. Navigating from one point to another yielded a short error of 34′. This is ugly ….. (I am using the WAAS setting).

    I live in rural New Hampshire.

    • Try giving it half an hour, stationary, under open sky, to fully download satellite almanac data and see if that improves it. I’m having some problems with my review unit, but you’re the first other person I’ve heard from with similar issues. I’m going to give it another test under canopy before sending mine back. Please let me know if your unit improves.

      Most people on various discussion boards seem to be reporting good results, similar to the 78 series. Maybe there is a bad batch.

      • So far, all I can say is what I put in my blog, at least as accurate as the Oregon 400i with points going to the 62s due to its stronger reception (better antenna, and as ham radio operator, I can tell you that antenna is the critical factor, not power nor your rig’s features). I’ve quite often seen the 62s in single digit precision (in feet), some of the time in double digits but rarely over 20′. Only in very rare cases have I seen the numbers been worse than the Oregon and if so, by a couple of feet not more.

        On thing though, the 62s, like the 60csx both like to be upright to receive, that can make a difference.

        do what Rich told you. If it works, fine, if not use Garmin’s Webupdater to reload your software (are you running the latest software 2.40?) even if you are running the latest software, then let the GPS acquire for 30 minutes, outside in good view of the sky. I’m not sure they have a reset method available in the manual (need to connect the 62 to the computer and read it in Windows Explorer to find the manual as a pdf file).

        Amir K9CHP

        • Thanks Amir. I spoke to Garmin support, and they told me the 60CSx procedure would do a hard reset — Page + Enter + Power. But it reacquired in seconds, so I doubt that it really did a full reset.

          • Don Baker says:

            Thanks to both you and Amir. I’m an old computer person so the first thing I did was to get the upgraded software installed. Next I discovered the antenna sensitivity to the vertical position (isn’t it strange the compass is, iniially, calibrated in the horizontal position). All that didn’t help – then I made the blog entry. Great response from both of you.

            So I tried the Page + Enter + Power routine. Exactly what Rich described — very fast and no difference. I tried it many times and still the same results. No significent improvement.

            Today I called Garmin tech support, a long wait time before a tech answered. He told me the ‘proper’ key sequence is Out + Power. Guess what — nothing happened except a normal boot. So, another call to Garmin tech support with an equally long wait time. This tech told me: 1) there are no key switch combinations to resolve a satellite ‘out of rotation’ status for this model yet. Importantly, he told me the same thing Rich said to do. Page + Enter + Power. And, to release the keys as soon as the GArmin logo appeared. It worked — I got the message that everything would be erased and reset. Now, I’m getting GPS accuracy of 8-12′ consistently.

            The only glitch I’ve encountered is that I can’t get it to do the Master Reset again. So, the unit is extremenly sensitive to the timing of the key release.

            I don’t know what I should achieve for accuracy as the salesman told me to expect less than 10′.

            Much better than I started out with. Again thank you Rich and Amir

            Don Baker

          • You are welcome Don. Actually I managed to make the message screen warning you are about to erase all data etc. four-five times in a row. Timing is important. It is not as soon as the Garmin logo appears but TWO seconds later (maybe more, but two seconds worked well for me), counting one one-thousand, two one-thousand. Maybe others can give it a try and confirm.

  23. @Don – You’re doing better than me. I did get it to reset. Well, I got the message about erasing all user data, but it locked onto satellites again so fast that I still have my doubts. I’m still seeing way higher than expected accuracy readings as well as readings that cycle from low to high, over and over again. I think this one is going back.

  24. A few simple questions but no answer in manual or Garmin’s web page.
    How many data fields can simultaneously be displayed in a Trip Computer page?
    Does it support a navigation to waypoint in a “off-road” mode, like 60CSx do?

  25. Don Baker says:

    Rich MY GPSMAP 62st just went back to Garmin today. After all the trouble I had, as posted above, the latest problem reared its’ ugly head on Saturday. I tried to rename an archived ‘track’. System locked up and removing batteries and, ultimately, doing a Master Reset would not solve the lockup.

    Plus doing the Master Reset would not erase user data. So Garmin said to return it.

    Master Reset is achieved by: pressing Enter + Page + Power together. then when the Garmin logo appears, release the Power button but continue holding the Enter + Page buttons until the ‘user data deletion’ warning appears.

    • Sorry to hear that. I’ve renamed tracks on my unit, but not archived tracks. I’d say I’d give it a try, but I’m a bit afraid to now! They will undoubtedly just switch it out and give you a new unit, hopefully with a quick turn around. Please continue keep us posted on your experience.

  26. Has anyone tried the Oregon/Colorado vehicle power cable on their 62 yet? Model #010-10851-11 is the one recommended and I’m a little concerned that the “L” style plug won’t fit securely.

    • Amir K9CHP says:

      Mine works well on the Oregon as well as on the 62S. I also thought that there might be a problem but it seems to fit fine. The L makes the cable go up, so if the GPS is installed above the power socket (like on the windshield), you may want some slack, as strain relief on the connector.

      Amir K9CHP

      • Thanks Amir. Looking at the picture of the cable on the website and then looking at the 62 made me wonder if the L plug was long enough to fit securely. Now, I have some real world experience to go on. Thanks again.

        • Amir K9CHP says:

          One caveat: I have not used it much more than plugging it in and seeing it worked for 15 seconds or so. I don’t know how it will work with the road vibrations etc. But that is easy to solve by slightly and gently bending the microUSB connector with needle-nose pliers. In any case, the black plastic shield goes all the way in to the bottom of the connector well on the 62s. I do not intend to use my 62s as a road navigation GPS, I’ve got the Nuvi 765T and the OR 400i that can do that and have the mapping in them, so that’s why I just tried it and never did anything further with the power connection. If I also remember well, the Garmin OEM cable works slightly differently from a plain old USB, both with the OR and 62S, but they both do work.

          Amir K9CHP

          • Thanks for the info. This is my first gps and I have a dumb question. I don’t have any saved or archived tracks, but everything still shows up on the map. Is there a way to remove them from the map?

  27. Hey, a handheld GPS is a complex device. I’m still learning things about the ones I have.

    In the Track Manager, you can select the current track and save it and/or clear it.

    • I was going to reply that I did that and they were all still there. But, I turned my gps back on and all the tracks are gone now. They didn’t disappear when I hit clear, but turning the unit off and then back on seems to have cleared them. Is that normal or should they get removed when you hit clear in track manager?
      Thanks for your help.

      • Sounds like a bug to me. We’re still in the early stages of firmware tweaks with this unit.

        • I turned on my 62 and wandered around a bit to make a track. Then, I went into track manager and hit clear current track and when I went back to the map, the track was gone. So, I don’t know whether it is a little buggy or I was doing something wrong before. Only time will tell, I guess.

  28. so in a nutshell to clarify….the new 62s or st or do i go for the touch screen Oregon 500 with the 3.5 mega pix camera? just for clarity previous lover and owner of the 60csx

    • John Rausch says:

      I bought and Oregon 500 in March 2010 but was unable to seriously use it until October. The higher resolution screen is nearly impossible to read. Youcan make all the adjustments possible to text size, etc., and it is beyond difficult. I had to hold mine inside my hat to see anything. Two problems: the higher resolution screen cannot have the brightness that the 60 receivers and the 62 receivers. The resolution is about double, yielding 4 times the number of pixels. Garmin is trying to cram too much into this additional pixel space. One solution to this problem might have been to provide a “magnify” function where each Oregon 500 pixel was dithered into 4. This might have provided an even more readable screen than the 60 abd 62 receivers. But, they didn’t.

      I complained long and hard and would not accept Garmin’s responses about the visibility of the Oregon 500 display, which were simply not true. Ultimately, they offered to trade my 500 for a 62s. I accepted instantly, having ordered the unit with a camera and really have no use for it. The 62s is excellent (so far). All of my SD cards that have multiple maps on them have to be recreated because of the way the 62 receivers handle enabling and disabling maps. With the 62s, you transfer individual maps to the SD card or the receiver, then rename them from gmapsupp.img to meaningful file names, say NPWTOPO.IMG. You can have a bunch of these file. I know not the limit, but I have them for several individual 24K topos, the three Natl. Park maps, Topo USA and a couple of others. Unlike the 60 receivers, you cannot enable or disable individual map segments, but this is not a big deal IMO. The equivalent of hide and show is on the 62s. This map method makes it easier and faster to add a new map — no recreating a huge img file.

  29. Dave Tobiasz says:

    Do you know what chipset? the 62 has? Would it not be based on the 60csx and not the Oregon???

  30. Dave Tobiasz says:

    Does the 62st suffer from the Oregon maladies of low velocity trip odometer inaccurate readings?

  31. Dave Tobiasz says:


    I am awaiting the shipment of Garmin’s 62st. I have a 60 CSX. What should I be expecting from the 62st in performance when matched against the 60csx?

  32. Love all the info here. I’m finally going to get a GPS, so, should I get a 62s or the 60 CSx? I probably don’t even need all the features of the CSx, but now that it is being blown out as the “old model” at around $220 it seems like a great value. Thoughts?

    • I own 60csx, it’s a great model, but the limitation of only one IMG file on flash card is irritating. I vote for 62s because of multiple IMG files and the possibility to have interface language and input language different.

    • Hmm, you didn’t say how you were going to use it, but in general, I’m a fan of some of the newer features. For hiking, the advanced track navigation features are really nice. If you’re a geocacher, going paperless is awesome. Aerial imagery is nice, if you’re in urban areas or the open landscapes of the west. And if money is an issue, I’d sure try to come up with $30 more and get the Oregon 450 over the 60CSx. Hope that helps! Feel free to ask more or tell us about how you want to use it.

      • Thanks guys. I take one weeklong fishing trip a year, and need a unit that can put me on a specific set of waypoints (I have a map that indicates the coordinates). I also intend to get a map from Lakemaster (or some similar place) that contains the specific lake that I go to. The other use is the occasional hunting trip to Colorado. When I can, I hunt with some guys in the Routt National Forest in NW Colorado. The only other solid use I have (at least at this time) is identifying and then finding again, wild growing asparagus in ditches close to my home.

  33. Dear All,

    I have bought 62s and what is my surprise. When TRACKBACK the small window “dist to next” show distance to NEXT WAYPOINT of the route no to next track point. This is useless and (at least) I need the previous dist to next track point (as in gpsmap 60 csx).


    • Hmm, most people regard this as an improvement. Usually, your next track point might only be 5 or 10 feet away. Is that really what you want? Under the old style trackback, the unit would cerate a route of maybe 50 waypoints from your track.

      More info here on how the new setup works…

      • I accept it can be an improvement. But it could be one more option (not substitute it). Try to follow a track in the open field with several paths crossing. Which do you chose? Have you download only a track from internet and try to follow it? if not, please try it.

        (data fields suggeted for that. 1-compas 2-dist to next 3-off course.

        When in bike (mtb) or walking I know (old style) than I have to walk, following the arrow 100m (example) then the arrow will turn again and I check again arrow.

        Actually I have tracks of 40 km, 1000 trackpoints and without waypoints. how I can navigate? I now I must follow map screen. I think that take out old wayu is a back-step.

        Please GARMIN include again (as a new option) old style.

        • I miss one comment from you. Next trackpoint is 10 feet…

          I have trackpoint automatically and the GPS put it when convinient. Some people change it and put it every 10 meters or 1 second. Then I am agree is not useful (I do not suggest it the Garmin do it perfect.

          If this happend you should filter the track and will clean redundances. GPSMAP 60 csx only accept tracks of 500 (2×500=1000). You can clean with mapsource or with oziexplorer. If in one line you have 20 trackpoints the program will put only 2 trackpoints

          also forget to thanks you for your comments

          • There is a classic profile option, but I don’t think it will change this behavior — just the menus.

            I download tracks online all the time and follow them with this feature. But I’ve usually created some waypoints for trail junctions, stream crossings, etc.

            Here is Garmin’s post announcing this feature, though I don’t see anything there that will be of help:


          • Hi Rig,
            Thanks again for answer, (sorry for my english)

            But this way is not “trackback help” is a “route help”.

            I usually mark waypoints. But sometimes I download form internet tracks and there is no waypoint.

            When in mountain bike, when I go down-slope I cannot stay watching all the time the arrow. But if I know that in 20m or 100 or 200 or whatever distance I can anticipate and only watch the screen when needed. otherwise if I watch too often I will fall down (hi speed) and if not I will pass a cross (hidden one) and it will be 2km. And when I notice the error it will be 30 minutes going up again (mmmmm).

            How do you know that the arrow is going to change the direction?

            I understand It is usefull (We have 4 data displays and whe can have both). I request to include old way also (is only improve software).

            It would be great more people claiming for it (in order Garmin notice utility)


  34. hi
    I’m sorry about my english

    I recently buy new gpsmap 62S and try to install new custom map in my device
    after some successful experience I make last map and copy final.kmz file to Garmin\Custiom_map folder and turn on my device
    but after the start up splash screen my device hang on “loading waypoints ,tracks and routs …” step .
    I try to reset device using Power+enter+page key and select delete all user data but it still hang on startup

    when I connect the device to pc using USB cable it also hang on same step and I can’t remove custom maps from onboard memory

    now, what can I do with my new device!!!!!! 🙁

  35. Have been getting oriented to the 62ST; I’ve had a GPSmap 60cx for 5 yrs & the screen started getting a dark spot so had to make the leap. One feature I can’t find on the new st that I liked on the 60cx is the “welcome page” where I entered name, phone, etc in case it was lost/found for return to me (and differentiating from teammates gps who had same model).
    Have looked & looked & can’t find equivalent page on st. ???

    • Hi,

      1-Conect your gps
      2-conect to PC
      3-In the PC go to “x:\Garmin” (x: = driver)
      4- open file “startup.txt” and read messages, and you can write what you want as a welcome page.

      hope to be useful

  36. given the low price around for 60csx, (2f00) is this a better purchase for a non-geocacher but serious hiker and kayaker, or save my money and buy the 62st? i did borrow one couple of years ago and felt it was a bit bulky ofr deck of kayak so bought one of the high end color extrex. thats hard to see at less than 40-50% illumination level howerver. thanks for help.

    • The 62 series has some great new features, like improved track navigation and the ability to load custom maps and aerial imagery. No need to go for the 62st though; I’d get the 62s and load free topos from You might also want to look at the 78s. If you can swing the price, I’d go for the one of the newer models. But a lot depends on whether these new features are important to you or not.

    • The 62 series is pretty much the same size and form factor as the 60 models, so if you found the earlier series too bulky, the new one will have the same problem.

    • Well, there is another difference to consider. The 62s does not float, whereas the 78 does, but then, the 78 is even larger than the 62s. My solution is to use the 62s but put it in a waterproof plastic pouch when I work my dog on water searches.

      THe 62s also has the capability of having multiple img (map) files in memory and uSD card and this will save you a lot of headaches down the road when you need to have more maps available but do also want to keep the current ones handy. No more overnight compilations of files to the uSD card

      • i just looked at the top of 78 line on gps store website. a nice unit partic the high end model with the nav maps. i do use a water proof case for gps and for the radio as get splashed with salt water. unfortunately the extra layer of clear vinyl means i have to crank up the illimination even more meaning new batteries daily for safety sake. i like the appearance of the new 62 but list is 300 more than 60csx which ive seen online for 200. i also notice above lots of reference to various bugs which i assume are typical on a new launch. suppose waiting a little longer unitl things get squared away makes sense also.

        • incidentally, i did talk to garmin about the need to keep the light on during the day and the tech mentioned the screen on my extrex vista hcx color unit is slighly lower, or recessed, compared to some of other units. as a result, a little more difficult to see. i had not heard of that before but sounded logical (at least to me??)

  37. Dave Tobiasz says:


    I have the 62st and also the 60csx. With the latest update to the 62st (v2.70), it appears many of your concerns have been corrected. When I take both units out on a hike, they record almost identical data. Rich is correct that the 62s tracks better. But I never had a problem with the 60csx when I had to use the track to get back to where I wanted to be.

    A tough choice, your money. If you can afford the 62s get it! If money is an issue then you can not go wrong with the 60csx.

  38. Dear all,

    suggestion to introduce maps in gps
    1-download MAPC2MAPC and 7-zip
    2-this program split a jpg file in several files (you chose how many), also you can chose resolution.
    3- if the map is already calibrated (ex: for oziexplorer *.map, and other programs …). the program recognize it.
    4- and created automatically the kmz file to be saved later in gps
    5- works great, much easier than garmin suggestion to procedure

    I hope someone find it useful

  39. i have question re number of proximity alarms which seems to max at 10 entries. i was trying to plot a trip in the car with many points and trying to alert myself by sound. i know this is probably an obscure question but 10 seems to have been the default number on my old csx as well as my etrexe(s)
    thank you

    • Mmm, not sure, and I’m traveling without my 62s so can’t check it out. There’s a ten waypoint limit? You might have to load them as custom POIs.

      • hi
        i dont know about the 62 but the etrex and 60 limit at 10. i called garmin tech who confirmed . i didnt ask about the 62 however or if could be downloaded somehow via pc. its not a deal breaker but was just trying to set up alarms for markers on highway for a long trip between NY and PA. thank you.

        • Okay, I see what you’re saying now that I can check the screens myself. I’m pretty sure you can get around this limit by creating your waypoints as custom POIs.

  40. I read in another forum ( ) that the 62s / 62st has problems with storing automatically tracks with more than 10,000 points. Is this true? Has this been corrected with firmware updates? Does auto-archive work now?

  41. I want to buy a Garmin 62st but i did’n find the precision (accuracy), It’s very important to me know exactly this accuracy.

  42. Dave Tobiasz says:

    The 62st and a sticky compass.

    I returned mine to Garmin, and they sent me another unit. It had problems turning on and also when you would connect the usb cable. It seemed that I had to pull the batteries and re-install them to get the unit to work. So I sent it back. It has been longer then their promised turn-around time, so I am still waiting.

    When I receive it and test it out, I’ll update you folks on the sticky compass.

  43. I used mapsource to upload a new gmapsupp.img to my 62s unit and a new gmapsupp.img to the memory card. When I go to select a map, my only choices are the base map and the new gmapsupp.img on the memory card. Shouldn’t I have 3 choices; base map, gmappsupp.img on the unit and the gmappsupp.img on the memory card? Any help for my confusion would be greatly appreciated.

  44. Dave Tobiasz says:


    To help keep the various image files identifiable, try these options. Transfer one map set at a time, then go in and change the file name to eg. 24K Map Ohio.img, or City Navigator City 2012.img Also if you are using a menmory card, you will have to identify the destination in Mapsource (62st… or dive d for the memory card). I load all of my maps to the memory card.

  45. como conecto o traspaso informacion de mi 62s a mi PC y al revez tambien , para recuperar la informacion de mi antiguo 60 cxs

  46. Mark Olsen says:

    I am new to the gps field. I am looking to buy a unit that can download the usgs maps from the internet. For example, the utah fish and game has landowner hunting units highlighted on their website in usgs topo. Could I download that information onto a gps? If so, which brands and or models would you rccommend?

  47. Dear sir/Madam!

    i want to Purchase GPS, Can u please mention the Difference between Garmin ST and 62S GPS.please mention me the Difference between these two.

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