Sunday, March 18, 2012

Garmin GPSMAP 62 series hits the market

Garmin GPSMAP 62

UPDATE: The 62, 62s and 62st are all now available from

UPDATE 2: GPS City now has all three models in stock…

UPDATE 3: Check out my hands on review of the Garmin GPSMAP 62s.

UPDATE 4: I’ve also got pages up for the GPSMAP 62 and GPSMAP 62st.

At least one vendor has a couple of the much anticipated Garmin GPSMAP 62 models in stock. Hit the links below to grab one of these bad boys:

Via Groundspeak

More info:

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  1. Richard Howard says:

    I would have to buy the more expensive one just for the colors. Hate that yellow!

    • I hear ya loud and clear! I’m thinking they went with a color scheme (vs the older all gray line) so you could more easily identify who had the high or low end ones in the field. A little consumer peer pressure, huh?

  2. Firstlen says:

    According to the Debbie, the Product Support Specialist on the Outdoor/Fitness Team at Garmin International, the largest micro SD card that is recommend for these devices is a 4 GB data card. I think this means no micro SDHC cards…Darn.

    • I’d say this is another instance of product support not being quite up to speed. I’ve seen plenty of reports of folks using 8GB and even 16GB cards in Garmin handhelds without issues. I’d be pretty shocked if you couldn’t do this with the 62/78 series as well.

  3. Holly Forbes says:

    Hi Rich,

    We’re enjoying the use of the Garmin 60CSx, but need another unit and wondered if we should get another of these (now 4-year old technology) Looks like you are recommending the 62S or the Oregon 450. PC Nation has the 60CSx on backorder for $285.

    We’re both marking waypoints to come back to and using coordinates to find sites provided by colleagues. We’re up in the Sierra most of the time. 62S for us?



    • Holly! Good to hear from you. If you’re marking lots of waypoints, you’ll probably find the Oregon series faster for text entry. I should have a post up on the 62s vs. Oregon 450 tomorrow (Thursday). I would definitely go with a newer unit and not the 60CSx.

  4. Hi Rich,

    I’ve been looking for my first GPS of any kind. Camping, hiking, travel, Geocaching for the kids etc. looking at the 62s. I’m not in a rush. Good idea to wait a few months for new firmware and bugs to be worked out before buying? Or should I be safe buying now?


    • Too soon to say. There are bound to be some bugs though. Whether they affect something that’s important to you is the real question. The safest approach would be to buy a unit with more mature firmware, like the Oregon 450. You could wait a while and see, but something else newer and shinier may have been announced by then, and you’d be back in the same place. Welcome to the bleeding edge!

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