Sunday, March 18, 2012

Update on Garmin GPSMAP 62 series performance

Garmin-62s-tracklog When I reviewed the Garmin GPSMAP 62s, I gave it a tentative recommendation because I needed to run beta firmware to get accurate tracklogs. Since then, I’ve been testing the 62 series with the 2.50 (non-beta) firmware and, as promised, I’m updating my recommendations.

The tracklog issue occurred at speed and under canopy; downhill runs on my mountain bike showed significant track separation errors when compared to the slower uphill portions of the ride. The image above shows a typical track under the latest production firmware. The track separation at the top of the image is about 50’ at its worst. Not bad at all on a downhill run under canopy. I’m seeing none of the wild errors I saw with earlier versions.

As a result, I feel comfortable updating my review and recommending the 62 series. Sure, the firmware is still young and there are some residual STM Cartesio chipset issues (aside to Garmin: can we please get the odometer to show accurate, slow speed hiking distance, like the active track does?), but overall the 62 series should make most users very happy campers.

Now off to update a bunch of posts.


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  1. Richard Howard says:

    Was holding out to buy one of these. Then, the Oregon 450 deal at REI came along and bought one of those instead. But, somehow i think i will still end up with one of these in the near future. Maybe by then, it will be fully matured. Hopefully, the squeaky case issue is resolved by then. That would drive me crazy. Thanks Rich.

  2. Rich,

    Where is the 2.50 firmware upgrade at? Garmin’s website only has the 2.44 beta for download. How has 2.50 improved the functionality? Just decreased the tracklog errors?

  3. Jack Glendening says:

    Showing a map with no mileage scale is not very helpful for trying to evaluate your result!

  4. Patrick Martin says:

    Rich, Great webpage here. Thanks.
    Question re moving saved and archived tracks from the GPSmap 62s to the Garmin MapSource v6.13.3 mapping s/w;
    It appears that only the “Current” track can be moved and displayed in MapSource. I haven’t figured out how to transfer and display either the “Saved” or the “Archived” track to MapSource. I can display those tracks (Saved & Archived) on the 62s but can’t get them into MapSource if they weren’t first transferred when in the “Current” status. I’d appreciate your help in learning how to show “Saved” and “Archived” tracks in MapSource.

  5. Patrick Martin says:


  6. Hi,
    How can I view data like average speed, moving time, stoppet time etc for an archived track on the Garmin 62st? I know how to view it on the map and how to view elevation data but I cannot figure out how to view any other data. Note, I want to do this on the gps unit.

  7. We swapped from the 60 to the 62s and changed from Mapsource to Basecamp for archaeological surveys in the mining areas of Western Australia. We have been really dissappointed in the software all around. Basecamp is ok but has very limited editing capability with the look of your tracks, very thick lines and difficult to use visuals. The hand held unit is in need of complete re-write for the menu system, it is terrible to navigate across several pages for simple operations, it fails to record on screen recent tracks which get archived and are really inconvenient to locate in the field. Finding waypoints gets really tiresome when you have several hundred marks on the map to wade though in aphabetical order and deleting points if you don’t want to delete them all is also best done on the computer, rubbish in the field. The hardware is good, Garmin, what were you thinking! It’s a real downgrade in practical useability from the 60 model, and very few rugged alternatives. Update the software please!

  8. Hi Rich. Has been a long time since last writing. I do not use my GPS unit all that frequently. That being said, I am not sure that I would like to spend the money to upgrade to the 64st. GLONASS sounds nice, but isn’t WAAS sufficient? Also, I did not realize that there is a temperature sensor which can be paired with the 62st. Does it work well? Thank you.

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