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SPOT Communicator recall


UPDATE: DeLorme tells me that SPOT units have been tested and sorted, and that “any new package from DeLorme heading to retail will have a blue sticker on the bottom of the box as the indicator it is a new or tested good unit.”

I received an email overnight announcing a recall of SPOT Communicator units sold with the DeLorme PN-60w. Apparently there is an issue with messages not being sent when temperatures are below 40 degrees F. Affected units include all those with an ESN number range between 0-2000000 and 0-2019999. To make amends, the company is offering a six-month extension on service plans. Hopefully, the company discovered this issue without it impacting any emergency situations. This just goes to point out that there is no substitute for good old-fashioned wilderness preparation.

This is the second recall of a SPOT product and couldn’t come at a worse time for the company, as their new SPOT Connect product is just starting to hit store shelves.The full text of the email follows:

Date: March 31, 2011

Dear Valued Customer,

As a DeLorme and Spot LLC customer with a registered SPOT Satellite Communicator account, you are being notified with important safety information regarding your registered SPOT Satellite Communicator device(s).

Spot LLC has issued a recall on all SPOT Satellite Communicators which are bundled and sold exclusively with the DeLorme Earthmate PN-60w. Spot LLC has discovered that a part, which does not meet operating specifications, was substituted in some SPOT Satellite Communicator devices during the manufacturing process.

In certain incidents, intended messages may not be transmitted, including requests for help or emergency assistance, when the SPOT Satellite Communicator is used at temperatures below 40 degrees Farhrenheit/4.44 degrees Celsius.

Spot LLC is committed to providing the highest quality and best performance products to its customers. Therefore, Spot LLC is conducting a complete product replacement of all SPOT Satellite Communicators within ESN range: 0-2000000 and 0-2019999.

IMPORTANT: Please stop using your SPOT Satellite Communicator(s) and visit to learn how to return your SPOT Satellite Communicator for immediate replacement.

Please return your SPOT Satellite Communicator immediately so we may ensure all SPOT Satellite Communicators meet their original factory specifications and intended quality performance. You will not be responsible for any charges or fees when returning your SPOT Satellite Communicator. Additionally, customers who promptly return their SPOT Satellite Communicator in response to this notice will receive a FREE six-month extension to your current SPOT Service Plan if your SPOT Satellite Communicator is received prior to June 1st, 2011. Visit for details.

PLEASE NOTE: This product recall is limited to the SPOT Satellite Communicator sold exclusively with the DeLorme Earthmate PN-60w handheld GPS only. This DOES NOT impact the DeLorme Earthmate PN-60w handheld device itself or any other DeLorme product. Additionally, this does NOT impact any other SPOT product including the SPOT Personal Tracker, SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger, SPOT IS, SPOT HUG or SPOT Connect.

For complete details of the SPOT Satellite Communicator replacement program visit

Thank you for being a DeLorme and SPOT customer. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


The DeLorme and SPOT Teams

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